FOUR score

FOUR score

FOUR score has some advantages to the Glasgow Coma Scale

FOUR score
FOUR score FOUR score FOUR score FOUR score FOUR score

The Full Outline of Unresponsiveness (FOUR) score has some advantages to the Glasgow Coma Scale as it provides greater neurological detail recognizes a locked-in syndrome and is superior due to the availability of brainstem reflexes breathing patterns and the ability to recognize different stages of herniation. The score may also provide additional prognostic information in patients with low Glasgow Coma Scale scores.
The Score has 4 components with โ€œ4โ€ as a maximal score for each item. The individual components are eye responses (eye opening and eye tracking) motor responses (responses to pain and following simple hand commands) brainstem reflexes (pupil cornea and cough reflexes) and respiration (breathing rhythm and respiratory drive in ventilated patients).

The proper support for devices with different screen sizes (including tablet PC) has been done.

The application is available in the following languages
- English
- Russian
- Portuguese

Any suggestions inquiries and requests for adding other languages are welcomed by e-mail to with the "Android-FOUR" mark in the subject line. Please help us to make the application available in your own language.


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