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Fora Dictionary Pro is a viewer application for dictionaries in StarDict, DSL, XDXF, Dictd, and TSV/Plain formats ¹.


• Fast and fully offline operation
• Searches ignoring case, diacritics, and punctuation
• Wildcard search
• Fuzzy search
• Full-text search
• In-page popup translator
• History and bookmarks


Fora Dictionary Pro is compatible with the following dictionary/file types:

• StarDict dictionaries (*.idx)
• DSL dictionaries (*.dsl)
• XDXF dictionaries (*.xdxf)
• Dictd dictionaries (*.index)
• TSV/Plain dictionaries (*.txt, *.dic)

Setting up dictionaries:

• Connect your mobile device to your computer.
• Copy dictionary files to the app's documents/files folder on device ². See Android help ³ for details.
• Select the dictionary index file as listed in the compatibility section above (or an archive of it) using the "Import Dictionary" option of the "Manage" menu.
• Attach resource ZIP files (if any) using the "Attach ZIP" option of the dictionary menu. (optional)
• Edit properties of the dictionary such as visible name using the "Edit Properties" option of the dictionary menu. (optional)
• Create a full-text search index of the dictionary using the "Upgrade" option of the dictionary menu. (optional)
• Create profiles to group and organize dictionaries. (optional)

Resource files:

Resource files of a dictionary can be put into multiple ZIP files with the following properties:

i) Classic (non-ZIP64) ZIP file type
ii) Flat (no sub-directories) file structure
iii) Maximum 65,535 files per ZIP file

Use "Attach ZIP" from the dictionary menu to copy and attach ZIP files to a dictionary.

Full-text search:

The app supports searching full-text of all dictionaries for exact matches. The feature requires one-time upgrading of a dictionary which can take a very long time to complete, since every single word anywhere on the dictionary is made searchable during the process.

Synchronizing between devices:

Copying/moving dictionaries between devices is done using one of the two available methods:

• "Export Dictionary" to a *.zip file on the first device and then "Import Dictionary" that *.zip file on the second
• Copy/move whole ".fora" or ".foradictionary" folder or individual dictionary folders using a file manager

Search types:

There are five kinds of searches you can perform on dictionaries.

• Regular search: Shows results exactly matching the query.
• Extended matching search: Shows results matching the query with case, diacritics, and punctuations ignored. Suggestions include in-phrase and phonetic matches.
• Full-text search: Shows list of articles containing exact matches of the query. The scope of search is not limited to headwords and includes all text in all articles (definitions, synonyms, examples, etc).
• Fuzzy search: Shows list of articles most similar to the query. The search works like a spell checker for words you're not sure how it's written/spelled.
• Wildcard search: Shows list of articles that match the criteria set with a wildcard query.

Help and Support:


¹ No dictionaries are bundled with the application. You will need dictionaries in supported formats to use with the application.
² Typical location of the app's documents folder is: Android/data/

About this version (27.1)

v27.1 • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Other versions

27.0 released on 03 January 2022 (783 days ago)
26.8 released on 19 September 2021 (889 days ago)
26.5 released on 27 November 2020 (1185 days ago)
26.3 released on 18 September 2020 (1255 days ago)
26.2 released on 08 February 2020 (1478 days ago)

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Updated: 24 April 2022 (672 days ago)
Released: 06 March 2014
Installations: more than 10 000
Fora Dictionary Pro
5 Stars: 254
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1 Star: 63

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