FMS Calculator

FMS Calculator

Calculates projected Final Multiple Scores (FMSs) for Navy enlisted Sailors.

FMS Calculator
FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator FMS Calculator

An Official U.S. Navy mobile application produced by the Navy PMW 240 Program.

This mobile app calculates projected Final Multiple Scores (FMS) for E3 through E6 enlisted Sailors eligible for advancement to pay grades E4 through E7. A Sailor's opportunity to advance to the next paygrade during an advancement cycle is based on two primary factors vacancies and FMS standing among peers.

The FMS Calculator mobile app uses the FMS formula to calculate the projected FMS giving Sailors a total score based on input of individual FMS elements. The app provides helpful information for navigating the FMS parameters and elements. The FMS Calculator app also provides an FMS pie chart breakdown as well as a historical view by branch class exam rate and group if applicable.

The 2019 release offers a new look and feel that makes the app similar to using the FMS Calculator on MyNavy Portal. This release includes the latest FMS minimum cut scores for the spring 2019 advancement cycles. This release also includes changes in the FMS formulas and implementation of NAVADMIN 312/18 as well as the Reporting Senior's Cumulative Average (RSCA) Performance Mark Average (PMA) policy.

โ— FMS Calculator A simple single-screen display that enables users to populate FMS elements with data representing individual accomplishments and other required data. The calculator features dropdown menus and value inputs that allow users to explore "what if" scenarios. It also provides helpful information for the inputs. Starting with the spring 2019 cycles the FMS elements are PMA /RSCA PMA exam standard score award points pass not advanced service in paygrade and education.

โ— FMS History The FMS Calculator app features numerical and graphical views of "what if" FMS scenarios compared to historical FMS minimum cut scores. Input for the numerical and graphical views are Branch
Class and Exam Rate and Group.

โ— Personalization The FMS Calculator mobile app is programmed to account for different formulas used at each paygrade and gives users the ability to display maximum points that can be accumulated for each element.

โ— Policy/Guidance The app includes links to specific policy in the Navy Advancement Manual NEAS NAVADMINS and helpful Navy-sponsored websites with FAQs and NEAS information.

โ— FMS Content Please be aware some information contained in the application may be out of date or no longer valid. This information is checked periodically for accuracy and updated as needed via the release of periodic FMS software updates.

Don't wait until exam day - learn about FMS elements and calculate your projected score today!

About this version (2.5.10)

- FMS minimum cut scores updated through spring 2019 advancement cycles - New look and feel - Bug fixes

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FMS Calculator
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