Flight Dark - Icon Pack

Flight Dark - Icon Pack

Black/Dark flat minimalist icons for your minimal dark theme.

Flight Dark - Icon Pack
Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack Flight Dark - Icon Pack

Flight Dark (Free Version) is a simple minimalist, clean, flat & dark black icon pack with transparency in the icons to blend in well with your backgrounds. Black icons feature clean & flat handmade designs. Custom wallpapers featuring scenic skies, clouds & landscapes included.

You can manually edit icons in most launchers by long-pressing the icon you'd like to edit.

Widgets: If your widget stops updating, check your system or battery settings to make sure the app is exempt from battery optimization. More info at https://dontkillmyapp.com/

This is the free version of the app. Get the pro version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.natewren.darkflight

You may need a 3rd party launcher to apply the icon pack. Please download a launcher (Nova, Evie, Microsoft, etc.) before installing.

• Nova Launcher (Recommended)
• Microsoft Launcher (Apply via launcher settings)
• Evie Launcher (Apply via launcher settings)
• Poco Launcher
• ADW Launcher
• Yandex Launcher (Apply via launcher settings)
• Action Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Atom Launcher
• Aviate Launcher
• Go Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• Inspire Launcher
• KK Launcher
• Lucid Launcher
• Next Launcher
• Nine Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• Smart Launcher
• Themer

Nova is recommended for the best experience and supports icon name search when manually applying icons. For more info on searching while manually applying icons please visit https://natewren.com/manually-edit-icons/.


• 2,500+ hand crafted flat, clean & simple black flat HD Icons. Full version has 4,000 icons
• 200+ wallpapers included. Downloadable from the cloud. Browse and save the ones you want. All wallpapers shown are included!
• XXXHDPI high definition black icons included for super large HD screens. All Icons are 192x192
• Analog Clock Widget
• Customized cloud/sky/landscape wallpapers. Wallpapers have been edited to show off icons nicely
• Some parts of the flat black icons are transparent letting each show the provided sky/landscape backgrounds or to your own backgrounds
• Contains over 2,500 different clean, flat and simple dark icons with many variations of default black icons such as phone, contacts, camera, etc.
• Wallpaper chooser comes installed
• Clean, dark, black icons work best with light wallpapers
• Muzei support for rotating wallpapers
• New icons added regularly

1. Open the app after installing
2. Navigate to "Apply" tab
3. Select your Launcher

1. Open Launcher settings by tapping + holding on an empty area of home screen
2. Select personalization options
3. Select icon pack

Twitter: https://twitter.com/natewren



About this version (3.4.0)

Fixed widget issues on some devices If you're still experiencing issues, please contact me! Updated Appfilter - fixes to un-themed icons Current Pro Version Icon Count: 5,111 Current Pro Version Icon Count: 2,582 If you've purchased an Icon Pack, thanks for your support! Follow me @natewren on twitter | @natewrendesign on insta for updates

Other versions

3.3.6 released on 17 February 2022 (349 days ago)
3.3.3 released on 13 October 2021 (476 days ago)
3.3.1 released on 24 July 2021 (557 days ago)
3.3.0 released on 11 May 2021 (631 days ago)
3.2.9 released on 26 February 2021 (705 days ago)
3.2.8 released on 18 December 2020 (775 days ago)
3.2.7 released on 28 October 2020 (826 days ago)
3.2.6 released on 20 August 2020 (895 days ago)
3.2.5 released on 15 August 2020 (900 days ago)
3.2.3 released on 18 June 2020 (958 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 3.4.0 by Nate Wren Design
Updated: 11 April 2022 (296 days ago)
Released: 24 March 2016
Installations: more than 100 000
Flight Dark - Icon Pack
5 Stars: 836
4 Stars: 115
3 Stars: 28
2 Stars: 14
1 Star: 115

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