FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives

FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives


FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives
FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives

FLATLAY® allows everyone to discover and share collections of products they recommend. Build collections from millions of products from to pair next to the content you share.

Anyone has the ability to build a digital storefront in seconds for free. Upload & create posts to promote traffic to your digital shop. The site and apps provide the ability to curate product collections from millions of brand new products tagged to #flatlay posts you can share on social channels & web sites with the push of a button. It's your digital boutique without the hassle of carrying inventory that helps you earn anytime anywhere.

Your #flatlay posts have a unique link when shared to drive people back to your profile page displaying all the posts & collections that you share with the world.

Earn one credit for every dollar you spend on FLATLAY®.

Earn credits for every dollar spent by another person on one of your collections.

Spend credits anywhere.


Search for products within the FLATLAY® community of curators brands shops and categories. Even if you do not know what you are looking for - the search guide helps to point you in the right direction. Find and share collections of outfits style ideas shoes hats jackets makeup sunglasses home goods and much more.

Using FLATLAY® you can

- Find & follow relevant curators or influencers that share product and reviews that you are interested in.

- Build a following focused on your personal style based on products you endorse.

- Create a storefront of your favorite products & recommendations to share across Facebook Instagram Snapchat Pinterest Twitter Tumblr or personal website/blog instantly.

Share content using your favorite products in order to be discovered by brands. FLATLAY® allows you to receive personal offers and deals directly from brands that want to work with you!

Whether fitness fashion photography cooking or tech - there is something on FLATLAY® for you.

The FLATLAY® community is dedicated to browsing and sharing your favorite Flat Lay images from across the web. It's an exciting new way to discover upcoming brands and products without having to ask the question - where did you get that from?

The easiest way to create & share shoppable posts that look good. Take pics with the products you love and get paid it's that simple.


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FLATLAY // Commerce for Creatives
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