FlashOnCall PRO 2020

FlashOnCall PRO 2020

Flash on call, sms and applications. (Flash side: back, front or both)

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 FlashOnCall PRO 2020
 FlashOnCall PRO 2020  FlashOnCall PRO 2020  FlashOnCall PRO 2020  FlashOnCall PRO 2020  FlashOnCall PRO 2020  FlashOnCall PRO 2020

The brightest and fastest flash on calls sms and any applications is absolutely free. The application has a large number of settings to create a unique alert.

โ˜… Any side flash
The application can use any flash - standard back front or both.

โ˜… Flash for calls SMS and reminders of missed calls
Adjust the time of each flash the time between flashes and the maximum flash duration for calls.
Set the number of flashes for outgoing calls and messages.
The ability to enable flash notification of a missed call or an unread SMS.

โ˜… Flash to third-party applications
Detailed setting of the flash speed.
Flash on certain events in third-party applications (messages comments likes)

โ˜… Flash schedule
Ability to create any number of rules for which days and at what time the flash will not turn on.

โ˜… Setting the sound modes
The flash can work in any sound mode of your choice silent vibration normal.

โ˜… Remote flash on by SMS
If you can not find the phone send an SMS with the text "flashon 30"
where 30 is the number of seconds. The flash will turn on automatically for the specified time.

โ˜… Fan mode / Flashmob
At the stadium at a concert or at any mass event support your team or group. Just start the flash together and become a part of the light show.

โ˜… Energy saving
The flash does not use much battery power however you can configure it to turn off when the battery is low.

โ˜… Work in the background
If the flash does not work when you call (incoming / outgoing) or SMS when the application is closed go to the settings and select "work in the background."

โ˜… Support for all devices starting with Android 4.0

โ˜… Bright flashlight

โ˜… Widgets
Widget on / off flash
Flashlight widget

Thanks to active users who send their suggestions and comments to the mail. The most active we are sure to encourage!

Mini FAQ
1. If you have already installed a similar application then the probability of conflicts is 99%
2. If there are any errors after the update try uninstalling and reinstalling the application
3. If the above points have not helped or there are some errors - write to the mail evg.dev.app@gmail.com

About this version (9.0.4)

Premium features are now free! We have significantly improved the logic of the application, added premium features to the application. Enjoy and look forward to your feedback.

Other versions

9.0.1 released on 13 April 2019 (592 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 15 MB
Version: 9.0.4 by Evgenii Chernov
Updated: 19 August 2020 (98 days ago)
Released: 29 January 2014
Installations: more than 10 000 000
 FlashOnCall PRO 2020
5 Stars: 243072
4 Stars: 39450
3 Stars: 13399
2 Stars: 4003
1 Star: 12590

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