Flashlight Droid - Free

Flashlight Droid - Free

Transform your Android device into a free flashlight!

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Flashlight Droid - Free
Flashlight Droid - Free Flashlight Droid - Free Flashlight Droid - Free Flashlight Droid - Free Flashlight Droid - Free Flashlight Droid - Free Flashlight Droid - Free

Flashlight Droid is an application that lets you use your device like a flashlight using the camera flash or LED display. It is a very easy to use and extremely useful in many situations of everyday.

These are the characteristics that make Linternadroid the best android flashlight:

* The flash turns on automatically when start the application. Speed ​​and convenience for the user (can be disabled)

* The flashlight remains on despite the screen is turned off or lock the device. Battery less spending and more comfort for handling the device (can be disabled)

* You can set a timer to automatically turn off flash past the specified time. Useful when working or leaving a child light put him to sleep, for example.

* There is a way that launches intermittent bursts flash (strobe) for use in an emergency and can be found more easily (can be disabled)

* There is a way that, with the flash on, you can use the camera screen as seen most easily in tight spaces (Inside a box, under a bed or furniture...)

* The application also integrates an option to use the LED as a flashlight. Interesting to no flash devices and other situations.

* System notifications that warn when the flashlight is on outside of the application. Allow faster return to the application (can be disable)

* Customizable colors...Mix it however you like!

* Material Design adapted with Android as the protagonist!

* Two languages avaliable: English and Spanish

* Unlike other applications, requests only the necessary permissions to use the phone as a flashlight. Camera permissions (to use the phone as a camera-flashlight), Flashlight (flash) and Wakelock (allows the flashlight go on when the display is turned off or the device is locked)

* Available for most devices on the market

* And best of all...flashlight for free!

About this version (1.2.3)

Minor bug fixed

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Flashlight Droid - Free
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