Flash calc anzan

Flash calc anzan

Develop your mental calculation skills with the app Flash calc anzan

Flash calc anzan
Flash calc anzan Flash calc anzan Flash calc anzan Flash calc anzan Flash calc anzan

Training in mental arithmetic with Flashcalc Anzan using abacus and Asian soroban will help you develop your mental arithmetic skills.
In this exercise, you practice only the addition which is the basis of other operation: subtraction, multiplication and division.
You will first program the numbers, the number of digits and the time between two digits in milliseconds and press the start button to start the operation.
After, you will add on a mental abacus imagining the movement of pearls and finally you check the calculated sum.
The sound "beep" is used to distinguish the two similar numbers that succeed and we can not notice with our eyes especially when the speed is too great
By training regularly on the flashcalc application anzan, you will notice that it becomes easy to imagine and retain mentally.

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Flash calc anzan
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