Flash notification for all

Flash notification for all

Flashy Alert sms Flash Notification on Call Flash application

Flash notification for all
Flash notification for all Flash notification for all Flash notification for all Flash notification for all Flash notification for all Flash notification for all

Flash Notification - Magic Alert Flash 3 (new 2021) – flash notification on call, flash notification on message & flash on SMS application for Android . This is one of the best flash tools for flash notification on call, flash light alert for all apps. Magic Flash 3 actives flash led on call, flash notification on message, and flash on notifications when they arrive from any apps (Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter, Whatsapp, incoming call, Zalo, Tinder, Tiktok, …).
Magic Flash 3 now works better, intelligently, and impressively control and adjust more personal settings with super LED flashlight, flashy alert, LED flash call and easily to customize flash length and SOS flash pattern.

**NOTICE**: Flash Alert Notification - Magic Flash 3 (new 2021) only blinks LED flashlight with incoming call and message received by default. To enable for any other apps on your phone, please go to β€œNotification for Apps” section and turn on/off any apps you want.


β˜… Blinks on notification for all apps that you want (Magic Flash 3 - Flash Alert on notification) .
β˜… Flash notification when you receive incoming call, flash call (Magic Flash 3 - Flash notification on calls – call reminder).
β˜… Flash notification when you receive message, sms (Magic Flash 3 - Flash notification on messages) .
β˜… Custom speed of the flash when phone is ringing.
β˜… Choose any apps on device that you want to flash when it has notification.
β˜… Active flashlight when phone have incoming notification.
β˜… Use the test function: you can turn on SOS flash when you need this.
β˜… Change flash notification speed: you can turn on DJ light for party or festival.
β˜… Set up how many times you want to notification comes.
β˜… Show important information of battery when charging.
β˜… Call Assistant displaying after you missed or hang up a call.
β˜… Magic Flash 3 has new light design follow material design, so beautiful .
β˜… Easy to use .

πŸ“£ Advanced Feature on Magic Flash 3 (new 2021):

β˜…Save battery with battery threshold: No flash when battery is low. If battery percentage is below threshold, no flash blinking.
β˜…You can set up the time interval to not disturb you when you sleep or do something important.
β˜…App compatible with most types of Android phones including all types like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, HTC, Vivo, ZTE, Alcate (TCT) ...
β˜…If you enjoy listening to music with headphone through your android device: just put device in silent mode, the music will not be disturbed when having call or notification but the flash will blink to alert you.
β˜… Find your phone easier when flashlight active notification.
β˜… Smart charge & call assistant: display important information on battery, call and quick action to the missed call.


About this version (6.9)

Upgrade to fully run on Android 11 R! 1. Support more languages. 2. Increase performance. Let check out Magic Flash - Flash Alert on Call, Notification & sms message, TOTALLY FREE!

Other versions

6.8 released on 17 April 2021 (706 days ago)
6.5 released on 15 March 2021 (739 days ago)
6.4 released on 27 February 2021 (755 days ago)
6.2 released on 01 January 2021 (812 days ago)
6.1 released on 09 December 2020 (835 days ago)
6.0 released on 09 October 2020 (896 days ago)
5.9 released on 04 October 2020 (901 days ago)
5.8 released on 28 September 2020 (907 days ago)
5.3 released on 21 September 2020 (914 days ago)
5.2 released on 06 September 2020 (929 days ago)
5.1 released on 19 July 2020 (978 days ago)

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 6.9 by KoreaTech
Updated: 27 February 2022 (390 days ago)
Released: 12 June 2019
Installations: more than 500 000
Flash notification for all
5 Stars: 11258
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3 Stars: 556
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