FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home

FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home

FitUp โ€“ Training with own weight at home

FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home
FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home

"FitUp - Workout at Home" is a training program based on the creation of Paul Wade "Convict Conditioning" and supplemented with the ability to save the results of training to be able to track your own progress.
It helped thousands of people build muscles and improve their shape without help of individual coaches and going to the gym. The program involves the use of its own weight only. Use the minimal set of surrounding objects the rarest of which can be just a horizontal bar.

In the app there are training for hands legs back chest press and the whole body. These exercises are collected from the theory and practice of the "old school" athletes
โ€ข Push-ups (triceps chest)
โ€ข Squats (legs)
โ€ข Pull-ups (biceps forearms back muscles)
โ€ข Leg lifts (press)
โ€ข "Bridge" (back)
โ€ข Handstand push-ups (shoulders)

Each basic exercise is divided into 10 difficulty levels. Training starts with simple elements which are able even for beginners and unprepared athletes. After completing the norm the trainee goes on to the next more difficult exercise. The last level will be subverted only to real professionals.
Download the application to access the most effective training program with its own weight. Study the training program. Practice at any time convenient for you without connecting to the Internet. Save your results to track your own progress.

Application features
โ€ข Offline access to training materials (without an Internet connection)
โ€ข Training diary
โ€ข It will always be completely FREE
โ€ข No advertising
โ€ข Beautiful and comfortable design
โ€ข Localized for two languages โ€‹โ€‹- Russian and English

About this version (2.0)

Version 2.0: - added training diary; - added the ability to save information about the workouts. In the next updates will be added: - visualization of information about the user's workouts.

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FitUp โ€“ Workout at Home
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