Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner

Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner

My Workout Plan Daily Tracker. Fitness Diary - Gym Calendar Light. Training Log

Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner
Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner

Fitum — the best fitness diary app for training

Nowadays, it’s difficult to control things, living in the modern society and in the fast line without discipline and the right approach to the process of life. Only the sense of discipline and strict adherence to certain rules will help you gain a successfull results at the gym and in the end lead one to a healthy lifestyle.

Do you feel like motivation has gone, and you become bored with everyday trainings? In that case, the training diary is exactly what you need. We and only we can influence ourselves and develop in a way we want. It is possible to train self-discipline and your body in different ways. The most effective ways are to actively keep records of own activities and to manage stability in the sets and exercises planning.

You won't regret using this app for your personal gym tracking. Fitum fitness tracker ofers the most effective and convenient gym tracker calendar to use. The developers have created a logical and understandable interface accessible to every user.

Give it a try couple of times and see for yourself! Convenient schedule of classes and training, which is always at hand to help you on your way to fitness practice and healthy physical development.

Fitum is a motivational training diary for those, who are focused on results and want to increase the effectiveness of their workouts. Choose your gym workout programs, depending on your goals, update the results and follow the progress!

Using the Fitum workout log book app, gives you an opportunity to keep a journal of workouts and exercises, track progress and achieve the desired results!

Why it is worth to try and train with Fitum

Fitum is a new personal gym log and workout journal. It will help to structure the records of your workouts, view and evaluate the results of previous workouts, add and create new sets, as well as combine supersets from several exercises.

* Practice makes perfect!

The Fitum personal gym workout tracker is an ideal option for those who want to self-discipline themselves, to see and strengthen their training results. Keep and fill in fitness workout & plans calendar and soon you will be satisfied with the level achieved.

* Fitum suits everyone!

The application is designed to facilitate the recording of workouts. It is suitable for both novice enthusiasts and professional athletes. You can plan and schedule your own workout planner at the gym or at home.

* Keep everything under control!

When planning exercises it is important to observe the frequency and intensity of training. Adjust, correct and control the number of exercises with a special exercise calendar. Keep a steady record of the workout sets and exercises performed daily with the help of gym workout tracker & trainer.

* The simpler, the better!

The most convenient, beautiful and intuitive to use interface with which you can create your training schedule. The ability to enter the names of the exercises as you remember them, and not as the program suggested, is, in our opinion, a plus. The app has nothing that you don't need. It certainly will help you to concentrate on the stages of the workout plan in the gym and at home.

Key features
* A convenient way to record the results of your workouts.
* Structured training records
* Ability to create your training program
* Quick way to create exercises and data entry
* Option to copy training days to maintain stability
* Displays the results of previous workouts
* Manage the creation of new workout sets and supersets

Download the app train and upgrade your body! Create your own unique sport diary!

About this version (1.3.7)

- Added training programs - Added the ability to create a backup copy of data in the cloud - Added autofill training program for a specific time interval - Added description of exercises with pictures and videos (so far only for training programs) - Added premium status by subscription system

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Fitum - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker. Gym Planner
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