Fit! - the fitness app

Fit! - the fitness app

Fit! is a fitness community connecting the best fitness trainers in the world.

Fit! - the fitness app
Fit! - the fitness app Fit! - the fitness app Fit! - the fitness app Fit! - the fitness app

Welcome to the Fit! App.
Home to the most diverse portfolio of athletes for fitness and sport specific training.

We work with professional athletes and trainers in the following sports: Surfing, Skiing, Basketball, Boxing, Golf, Calisthenics, Tennis, Rock Climbing, Yoga, Pilates, Running, Volleyball, and more. We also have programs for resistance training, weight-loss, and meditation.

Our roster of athlete instructors include:
John Collinson - Pro Big Mountain Skier
Nick Symmonds - 2x Olympic Runner
Koa Smith - Pro Surfer
Alex Puccio - Pro Rock Climber, 11x National Bouldering Champion
Tony Jeffries - Olympic Medalist Boxer
Tori Boggs - 30x Grand World Jump Rope Champion
Dr. Jen Esquer - Doctor of Physical Therapy
Daniel Rama - International Yoga Instructor and Teacher
Streat Hoerner - 2x CrossFit Games Athlete

Our members get access to all of our programs as well as our professionally curated nutrition options with options such paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, vegan and more. Track your macros, log your workouts, and use many other features to help you reach your goals.

Our most popular programs include:
*Project Calisthenics
Learn from one of the world’s top calisthenics athletes and physiotherapists, Simon Ata. Train for skills like the handstand pushup, planche, backlever, OAPU, and more.

*Surfer Fit
Train like a professional surfer. This program is all bodyweight and designed to build you the strength, mobility, and cardio needed to boost your surfing game.

*Skier Fit
John Collinson is a professional big mountain skier and known for his dedicated approach to fitness. Use just your bodyweight to get yourself in shape for the ski season.

*Jiu Jitsu Fit
Pro BJJ athlete JT Torres uses fun, dynamic exercises to not only build cardio and strength but to also get your body more familiar with BJJ movements.

*The Shredded Academy
Transform your physique with just your bodyweight. Try Adam Frater’s 8-week calisthenics program meant to get you looking, feeling, and performing like an athlete.

*Mobility for Calisthenics
Doc Jen is not only a renowned doctor of physical therapy, but also an ex-calisthenics athlete. She prepared the perfect mobility program for all calisthenics athletes to further their skills.

*Fit Yogasthenics
Yogasthenics is a fusion of yoga, calisthenics, and holistic functional movement. This program is similar to a yoga class but with a twist that’s meant to challenge your inner athlete.

++many more

The Fit! App features:
1) Workout programs by sport and fitness pros:
-Track your progress day to day
-View full tutorials on every exercise of every program
-Track your progress by logging workouts, images, and more
-Compare and compete on the leaderboard

2) Thousands of recipes and meal plans:
-Choose from our database of over 3.2M recipes sorted to your dietary needs
-Variety of meal plans and challenges to get you to your goal
-Calculate, set and track your macros

3) Challenges
-Challenge a friend to a variety of fitness challenges
-Challenge and compete against your favorite athlete

4) Innovative Hardware
-Our top-tier team of engineers is always working on the next innovative design for home or sport specific training.
-Check out the Fit! Home Gym. It’s the most versatile and compact bodyweight gym.

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