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Fiszkoteka - Learn Languages

Our app lets you try all of our courses and create your own lessons!

Fiszkoteka - Learn Languages
Fiszkoteka - Learn Languages Fiszkoteka - Learn Languages Fiszkoteka - Learn Languages Fiszkoteka - Learn Languages Fiszkoteka - Learn Languages

What is the best way to learn languages (such as English, Russian, French, German, Spanish or Italian)? The most efficient and proven method is to learn with flashcards. By using Fiszkoteka's flashcards you can quickly build up your vocabulary and language skills, regardless whether it's Englishs or Chinese. They by far outperform traditional language courses that are often dull and lead to disappointing results.

It is overwhelming and intimidating to think about mastering a whole new language, but that is where we come in to give you a hand. Our tool is easy to use and has been designed for all language learners, regardless whether you are an advanced learner, beginner or somewhere in between.

Everyone using our app will be able to find value in our courses. We have tailored this app because we want to share an amazing product that we are sure will help you achieve many if not all of your language goals. No matter if you are a language amateur, preparing for a proficiency exam or practicing for an upcoming trip abroad. We have prepared everything to equip you for your language learning quest!

If you are thinking about taking a language proficiency exam, our flashcards will help you feel confident and ready to pass popular exams such as: CAE, DELE, DAAD, DELF, CPE, FCE and the TOEFL. Fortunately, grammar in general is quite simple. The basics are enough and it is not necessary to spend too much time mastering it, as it will come naturally with practice.

Our application lets you learn numerous languages online (especially: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Russian, German) with multiple courses created by professional linguists. Furthermore, there are lots of language lessons, full of flashcards, created by other users, who are often native speakers.

Our tool is a free product which can be downloaded and used straight away. You have the possibility to try all of our courses and languages that we have in the offer. Moreover, you can create your own lessons for free!

The material can be learnt in various ways. Thanks to the pronunciation in MP3 format you can listen to your lessons on the go, images will let you memorise the meaning, as well as examples of relevant phrases used in natural contexts. In addition, we beautify our lessons with some basic grammar information.

Our other functions include using our tool as a translator and dictionary. Just type a word in your native language or language you are learning. Not only will you receive the translation, but also you will be able to add it (with the pronunciation and example of usage) to your own flashcards.

It is said that discipline and motivation are crucial in terms of learning any language successfully and we are here to help you stay on track. Our application helps you achieve a systematic approach to studying. We are passionate about languages and it may seem that we harp on the study and learning aspect a bit too much, however, this tool is also meant to be entertaining and of course fun. We have especially tailored our app to make it feel as if you are not learning, even though you actually are.

One great and easy habit to get into is setting reminders for yourself, which you can set as a widget for studying languages after unlocking the screen.

We are leaps ahead of our competition because our courses actually churn out positive results. What differs us from the other apps is that we have come up with a systematic learning approach that learners will appreciate and use as their main method to carry on learning. We created an app that actively engages the language learner rather than having them passively translate words and sentences or try to understand sophisticated and impractical sentences. Words and phrases will not only be familiar or ring a bell, but they will stay memorised for good. With Fiszkoteka, now you have the power of language at your disposal to wield and create sentences with an impressive level of proficiency.


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