Fish Planet Calendar

Fish Planet Calendar

Fishing forecast will help in the planning of fishing

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Fish Planet Calendar
Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar Fish Planet Calendar

Fish Calendar from "Fish Planet" gives an accurate prediction of success on a fishing trip and is addressed to all fishermen - from amateurs to anglers.

For a complete fishing forecast - just click on the day you are interested. The probability of th catch is presented in a simple graphical form for each fish.

For convenience of display, you can choose to only desired fish species, disabling forecast for that types of fish that you are not going to catch soon. Fishes are distributed by families in App settings.

In settings you can specify a point on the map, for which you need to watch the forecast. This is useful when planning a fishing trip - specify a point, choose a day - and get the forecast.

Fish Calendar can notify you about the forecast for today. Notifications will also be displayed on a gadgets, connected to your mobile phone, such as an electronic clock or fitness bracelets - for example, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Samsung Galaxy Fit and others.

The forecast based on the mathmatical model of fish MathFish5.0 (TM), which takes into account:
climatic zone (detailed three-dimensional model of the Earth, based on topography, permanent ocean and sea currents and winds);
dynamics of change of food base in a given point;
the behavior characteristic of each species of fish - spawning, feeding, winter;
reaction of each species of fish on the phases of the moon.

Not taken into account:
impact of local weather events on fish appetite;
daily changes associated with sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset;
impact on fishing tides.

The calendar presents 199 species of fish. Mathematical model of fish MathFish5.0 (TM) is developed for each fish.

The basic free version of the app includes 32 major fish species.
Separately available for download regional packages:
North America - 73 species of fish;
Europe and Asia - 131 species of fish;
Sea Fishes - 124 species of fish.

In addition to the calendar, we recommend the fishermen to install the application "Fish Planet" - the most comprehensive mobile reference fish for anglers. This fishing guide: contains detailed biometric data and descriptions of the habits and ways of fishing for 360 species of fish and has both free and paid versions.

Fish Calendar from "Fish Planet" - is the result of our work on the biennial fishing calendars, calendar third generation.

On fishing this application will be most useful in your mobile phone!

About this version (Varies with device)

- manual location (latitude, longitude) - fixed location search by address - improved performance

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Fish Planet Calendar
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