Fish Farm Cats

Fish Farm Cats

Interact with cats and create precious memories with them!

Fish Farm Cats
Fish Farm Cats Fish Farm Cats Fish Farm Cats Fish Farm Cats Fish Farm Cats Fish Farm Cats Fish Farm Cats

Be the owner of the fish farm. Interact with cats and create precious memories with them!

※ Part of the profit will be donated for the care of abandoned and stray cats.

■ Starring the feline celebrities of haha ha's channel!
- A perfect replica of the Fish Farm!
- Gilmak, Three Colors, Yattong and more cats that you could only meet at haha ha’s channel!
- Diverse installable objects such as cat toys and towers that haha ha crafted in the real life!

■ How to play
- Cook fish and feed the cats.
- Create toys, cat towers, cat litter boxes for the cats.
- Touch cats when they come close! You can touch cats in the actual video.
- Satisfied cat might get you gifts as a favor.

■ Interacting with Cats
- You can interact with cats by touching, observing, and taking photos of them with the actual videos and photos.
- To interact with cats, you must have food in their bowls and have facilities they like.

■ Production System
- The Fish Hatchery makes gold for every set time.
- The Fish Trap catches fish for every set time.
- The Favor Basket gets gifts left by cats.

■ Crafting System
- You can cook various dishes with recipes at Cooking Table
- At the Work Bench, you can craft diverse objects with materials.
- Crafting materials can be obtained from Favor Basket.

■ Plenty of Rewards For Your Leisurely Game Play
- Kitty Support Pass Season 1. “I Won’t Get Attached to Them”
- Attendance rewards
- Tutorial Quest rewards


About this version (1.22)

- Fix bugs

Other versions

1.21 released on 23 December 2021 (533 days ago)
1.18 released on 08 December 2021 (548 days ago)
1.16 released on 24 November 2021 (562 days ago)
1.14 released on 10 November 2021 (576 days ago)
1.13 released on 25 October 2021 (592 days ago)
1.11 released on 14 October 2021 (603 days ago)
1.9 released on 06 October 2021 (611 days ago)
1.5 released on 17 September 2021 (630 days ago)
1.3 released on 03 September 2021 (644 days ago)
1.2 released on 27 August 2021 (651 days ago)
0.6 released on 18 August 2021 (660 days ago)

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Version: 1.22 by Sandbox Network, Inc.
Updated: 07 January 2022 (518 days ago)
Released: 06 August 2021
Installations: more than 50 000
Fish Farm Cats
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