Baby's First Words Lite

Baby's First Words Lite

Improve their vocabulary with 500 words. Baby/toddler first words flashcards.

Baby's First Words Lite
Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite Baby's First Words Lite

Baby's First Words will help your baby or toddler learn new words in English using interactive flashcards with a bold and simple art style, fun sounds, clear speech and large text.

⭐Ranked Best Language app in the article 'Best apps for toddlers 2021' on the Mother&Baby website (UK's No.1 Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler Magazine): "If you're looking for an app to help your tot with their speech, or just to teach them different words, then this app is a must to download!"

• Made in Britain
• Designed for babies and toddlers
• Ideal for kids at nursery/kindergarten/playgroup/preschool
• Learn British words with UK English spelling
• Swap to US English words and spelling
• British voice narration (two genders!)
• High quality photos or simple cartoons
• Easy-to-use flashcard format

⭐Designed with a UK Primary School Teacher aimed at babies and toddlers (18 months - 4 years). This app will teach your baby or toddler more than 400 first words using UK English spelling and spoken with a British accent.

⭐Improve your toddler's pronunciation as they repeat the spoken words. Baby will love mimicking the voices too.

⭐Help teach your children new words with dozens of common objects and baby/toddler friendly themes.

⭐Boost vocabulary baby/toddler can learn over 500 simple first words in English. 900 pictures: Simple cartoons for babies, swap to photos for toddlers. Kids will love being able to hear the words spoken with a choice of either a male or female voice. Your baby/toddler is sure to have fun with over 170 sounds and 5 silly sound effects.

⭐Your baby/toddler will not only learn how to say the words but how to read them too with large, clear text.

⭐Baby's First Words features 12 fun flashcard categories for kids with common English words including: animals 🐘, clothes 👒, vehicles 🚌, food 🍊, letters 🔤, body 👣, colours 🟥🟩🟦, home ⏰, shapes 🔺, toys 🧸, numbers 🔢 and outside 🌳. 4 special interactive categories show an alternate word to keep your baby/toddler engaged.

⭐At least 10 flashcards per category for baby/toddler to practice both reading and saying their first words.

⭐Lift the flap! Your baby/toddler can have fun guessing the hidden word on each flashcard using quiz mode, great for practicing what has been learnt. Kids can enjoy learning by playing together with parents, grandparents or carers. (Large text makes it easy to read from a distance)

⭐Baby/toddler will find it easy-to-use with swipe controls and large buttons.

⭐Ideal for use at nursery, kindergarten or preschool where baby/toddler can play and learn at the same time. Additional uses: a speech therapy tool for kids and adults; a resource for learning English as a foreign language.

⚙️Hard to read? Make the word on each flashcard easier to read by changing the size or colour of the text. Kids can learn first words anywhere on either phone or tablet (100% offline with screen rotation compatible flashcards). Slideshow with autoplay & screen lock to hear words without baby/toddler needing to touch screen. Simplify the experience for baby by switching off background colours, animation and sound effects.

⭐Get Baby's First Words to teach your children their first words in English today!

⭐For younger children see our free app Baby's First Sounds featuring over 150 flashcards aimed at babies (6 - 18 months) with animals, vehicles and instruments.

ℹ️ Tested on babies! We made this app for our kids (1 x baby and 1 x toddler) to help them learn to speak English like us! Please tell us what your children like about it and what we could do better with a review or email. Follow us on Twitter (@munchkinstudio):

ℹ️ Thanks to Wikimedia for the U.S. English Pronunciation licensed as follows:,,


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