First Grade Learning Games

First Grade Learning Games

21 fun and educational games for 1st Graders!

First Grade Learning Games
First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games First Grade Learning Games

21 fun games to help your child learn First Grade lessons! Teach 1st grade lessons like reading, spelling, math, fractions, STEM, science, compound words, contractions, geography, dinosaurs, fossils, animals, and more! Whether they are just starting first grade, or need to review and master the subjects, this is a perfect learning tool for your kids aged 6-8. Math, language, science, STEM, and critical thinking skills are all tested and practiced in these games.

All 21 games are designed using real 1st Grade curriculums and use core curriculum state standards, so you can be sure these games will help give your child a boost in the classroom. Plus your student or child will stay entertained with help voice narration, colorful images and animations, and lots of fun sounds and music. Improve your child's homework with these teacher approved lessons, including science, STEM, language, and math.

Includes 2 games provided for free, unlock all 21 through a simple in-app purchase.

• Patterns - Learn to identify repeating patterns, a critical skill for first grade
• Ordering - Place objects in order based on size, numbers, and letters
• Word Bingo - Help your first grader with reading and spelling skills in a fun bingo game
• Compound Words - Combine words to build compound words, important for 1st Grade!
• Advanced Counting - Skip count by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 10's and more
• Add, Subtract, and Advanced Math - Help learn advanced math skills like additional and subtraction with fun falling fruit
• Contractions - Teach your 1st Grader how to combine words to make contractions
• Spelling - Learn how to spell hundreds of words with helpful voice assistance
• Fractions - Fun way to learn the visual representation of fractions
• Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives - Your child will learn different types of words like verbs, nouns, and adjectives
• Sight Words - Learn how to spell and recognize important 1st grade sight words
• Compare Numbers - Advanced math topic that compares numbers to see what is greater or less than
• 5 Senses - Learn the 5 senses, how they help us understand the world, and which body part each uses
• Geography - Identify the oceans, continents, and various types of landforms
• Animals - Classify and learn about a variety of animals, such as mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and more
• Body Parts - Learn and identify all the body parts on the human body, and learn how diagrams work
• Photosynthesis - Help the plant conduct photosynthesis and learn about the process vital for all plant life
• Dinosaurs and Fossils - Identify different dinosaurs and learn about how we can learn about dinosaurs from fossils
• Timed Math Facts - Quickly answer math facts to earn basketballs
• Reading Basics - Read articles, answers questions, and get help with tough words
• Cause & Effect - Listen and match a cause with the correct effect

Perfect for 1st grade children, kids, and students who need a fun and entertaining educational game to play. This bundle of games lets them learn important math, fraction, problem solving, sight word, spelling, science and language skills while having fun! First Grade teachers around the country use this app in their classroom to help reinforce math, language, and STEM subjects. Keep your first grade age child entertained while they are learning!

Ages: 6, 7, and 8 year old children and students.


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First Grade Learning Games
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