Fifth Edition DM Tools

Fifth Edition DM Tools

Create monsters track initiative and manage a campaign for fifth edition.

Fifth Edition DM Tools
Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools Fifth Edition DM Tools

A set of tools for building and running a campaign in a fifth edition tabletop role playing game.

Monster Creator:
- Create, save, and edit complete monsters
- Calculate challenge rating and adjust up or down
- Import or Export fan made monsters

Encounter Creator:
- Build encounters using the monsters you create or import
- Include Traps, NPCs, and Treasure
- Calculate the total experience and difficulty
- Roll Initiative and load the encounter's monsters, traps, etc along with your players into the initiative tracker

Adventure Builder:
- Create dungeons and other areas by linking together encounters and locations
- Calculate total possible experience from the encounters and compare with experience needed for your players to reach a particular level.

Player Tracker:
- Keep track of your players experience, level, armor class, hit points, items, and more

Multiple Campaign Support:
- Ability to create separate lists of players and adventures for keeping track of multiple campaigns

Initiate Tracker:
- Manage your monsters, traps, NPCs, and players during initiative
- Roll initiative by hand or have the dice roller do it for you
- Easily track stats like hit points and armor class
- Option to use the dice roller to roll your monster's attack, damage, saves, and skills
- Award experience when encounter ends

Treasure Management:
- Create treasure parcels containing items and gold
- Calculate total value as well as the possible price the treasure might sell for
- Link parcels with encounters

Whether you're building a kingdom or populating a dragon's lair you can manage your entire campaign with these DM tools.

About this version (1.14b)

v1.14b Fixed adding NPCs to initiative v1.14 Fixed monster numbering Added option to insert multiple monsters to tracker v1.13b Fixed campaign renaming Fixed imported action bug v1.13 Fixed upload of large monster files Filtered results now updates correctly after deleting/duplicating v1.12 Added option to import character files as NPCs Fixed dice roller crash bug v1.11 Added a setting to not award encounter xp Fixed an initiative issue Fixed attack actions sometimes showing a DC

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Size: 3 MB
Version: 1.14b by Walter Kammerer
Updated: 19 January 2017 (1656 days ago)
Released: 21 November 2015
Installations: more than 100 000
Fifth Edition DM Tools
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