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F&Home Radio - Remote control of home automation systems

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F&Home Radio
F&Home Radio F&Home Radio F&Home Radio

The F&Home application allows the user to remotely control devices that service the building or consitute an integral part of the building services. The application requires access to a F&Home RADIO server which allows configuration of a network of devices according to the users' preferences as well as the configuration of intelligent building management systems that include
- Lighting
- Heating
- Air conditioning
- Ventilation
- Audio visual
- Access control
- Security
- Automated gardening systems.

While working on the application we focused mainly on making the application as simple and convenient as a classic TV remote control without forcing the user to navigate through a maze of unnecessary windows and complicated settings. Being able to access an individual device quickly and the clear presentation of information guarantees easy and intuitive operation.

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F&Home Radio
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