F-Gas Tool

F-Gas Tool

F-Gas Tool. Global Warming Potential (GWP) Calculator for Greenhouse Gases

 F-Gas Tool
 F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool  F-Gas Tool

F-Gas Tool is a Global Warming Potential (GWP) Calculator for Greenhouse Gases regulated by European (EU) No. 517/2014 mainly used in air conditioning refrigeration and fire extinguisher .
Based on the CO2 Equivalent Tonnage Result the App calculates
- Leak Detection Frequency
- Gas Phase Out
- Gas Retrofit
Introduction of Gas Manager section fully functional.
Gas Manager is a cloud service where you can add all your HFC greenhouse gases.
This service helps you to easily keep track of all your acquired and sold gas from all your devices connected with the cloud service.
After the New User Creation you will have 20 insertions for free.

Available languages English Italian Romanian German Danish French Polish Bulgarian Czech Croatian Dutch Greek Hungarian Portuguese Slovak Slovene Spanish.

For the momento we included the most used gases end blends.

R-13B1 R-14 R-22 R-32 R-23 R-41 R-50 R-114 R-116 R-123 R-124 R-125 R-134 R-134a R-143 R-143a R-152 R-152a R-161 R-170 R-218 R-227ea R-227me R-236cb R-236ea R-236fa R-236me R-245ca R-245fa R-290 R-c318 R-365mfc R-401A R-401B R-401C R-402A R-402B R-403A R-403B R-404A R-405A R-406A R-407A R-407C R-407B R-407D R-407E R-407F R-407H R-408A R-409A R-409B R-410A R-410B R-411A R-411B R-412A R-413A R-414B R-415A R-415B R-416A R-417A R-417B R-417C R-418A R-419A R-419B R-420A R-421A R-421B R-422A R-422B R-422C R-422D R-422E R-423A R-424A R-425A R-426A R-427A R-428A R-434A R-437A R-438A R-442A R-443A R-444A R-444B R-445A R-448A R-449A R-449B R-450A R-451A R-451B R-452A R-452B R-453A R-454A R-454B R-454C R-455A R-458A R-466A R-469A R-500 R-502 R-503 R-504 R-507 R-507A R-508A R-508B R-509A R-511A R-513A R-513B R-515A R-515B R-516A R-600A R-1150 R-1233zd(E) R-1234yf R-1234ze R-1270 R-3110 R-1336mzz(z) R-E125 R-E134 R-E143a Vertrel XF HFC-43-10mee Tetradecafluoroesane Perfluoropentano Sulfur hexafluoride

About this version (4.1.2)

Aded R-12 banned gas after user suggestion. New GWP indicator in gas selection view.

Other versions

4.1.1 released on 13 April 2020 (198 days ago)

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 F-Gas Tool
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