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Febo Health Toolbox

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Febo Health Toolbox
Febo Health Toolbox Febo Health Toolbox Febo Health Toolbox Febo Health Toolbox Febo Health Toolbox

Febo – Health Toolbox is a health management platform that offers users a personalized patient hub.
This free health app is fully equipped with several telehealth medical solutions to help manage one’s journey. With Febo’s toolkit, you can stay updated with the latest medical research, news, and advancements related to your medical condition.

•Health tracker: Track your day & progress over time.
•Pill reminder and alarm for all medication needs
•Customized, healthy meal plans
•Symptom Tracker: Record your symptoms, or go into more detail with an additional note.
•Track and analyze your bowel movements effortlessly with our pee & poo log.

Our patent-pending algorithm gives you access to the latest medical news and filters validated medical sources. Get smarter with every scroll and be the first one to know the latest update on your condition of interest!

Febo’s symptom diary can act as a daily mood tracker, a chronic pain tracker, or a central log to manage and understand your triggers. The Trigger Diary provides a list of daily triggers commonly experienced by those managing a chronic illness. Select the trigger type, document the reaction, the time of occurrence, and record trigger severity. What’s triggering your symptoms today?

New Social aspect-Our new Connect features allows you to connect with other members interested in your condition. Whether you are a mentee, are looking for a mentor, or simply find someone to share ideas on your condition!

Set daily med reminders and never forget to take your pills. Febo’s pill tracker helps condition managers keep dosages perfectly controlled. This extensive medication tracker also acts as a pill identifier.

Febo’s food log is here to assist in tracking your meals. Log a meal’s nutrition facts to the Food Diary within seconds with our barcode scanner, or simply snap a picture of your plate!

Do you drink enough water? With Febo’s daily water tracker, it’s simple to track your water intake and ensure you are meeting personal needs. Set your daily water intake goal and log every ounce with just a tap. Users can also customize up to three different glass sizes by inputting the number of ounces in their favorite water bottles, cups, etc. View detailed stats- updated after every glass- and see how close you are to meeting your water intake goals.

Febo’s pee and poop tracker is optimal for chronic illness patients with Crohn’s disease, IBD, IBS, ulcerative colitis, and chronic diarrhea. It helps with tracking bowel movements and learning about your body’s reactions. Users log their bowel movements, specifying the time and type of movement. Pee: Users are asked to select the most accurate color of their pee from a color-coded chart. Poop: Users are asked to select the most accurate poop type from the Bristol stool chart.

Can’t sleep? Febo’s free sleep tracker is the perfect tool for all of you insomniacs out there. If you do not suffer from sleep problems, you can still greatly benefit from all the features. Our sleep cycle diary features an in-depth analysis of user sleep performance. Compare your daily sleep cycle pattern with nights prior. Easily track the length of time you spend awake each night in light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. Hit the snooze button on one-sided sleep tracker apps and start enjoying sleepy time with the Febo Health Toolbox!

Febo is intended for informational use and management purposes. It is not intended to diagnose/replace a doctor's diagnosis, advice, treatment, cure, mitigation, or prevention in man or animals.


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3.7 released on 23 December 2021 (799 days ago)
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3.5 released on 12 November 2021 (840 days ago)
3.4.3 released on 17 September 2021 (896 days ago)

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