FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW

FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW

Send Fax to Taiwan only. Turn your mobile phone into a Fax machine.

 FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW
 FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW  FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW  FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW  FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW  FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW  FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW  FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW  FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW

** Fax to Taiwan only. Use Snapfax app instead if you send fax to other countries. http//snapfaxapp.com

FAX886 a popular and highly rated mobile fax app turns your smartphone or tablet into a fax machine.

Devoted to provide you the best fax user experience. Fax your document as simply as selecting a document or taking a photo and entering the fax number through its intuitive user interface.

Easy-to-use mobile interface for sending faxes online directly from your device on the go without the need of having a fax machine or dedicated fax line.

Pay as you go - buy fax pages and send faxes on demand. No subscription required.

The must-have app for every business for sending faxes directly from your smartphone.

- Snap to fax Scan and fax your hardcopy document with Snapfax's advanced scanner (built-in camera).
- Advanced document scanner with powerful image processing (e.g. auto corner and border detection perspective correction black and white conversion and shadow elimination)
- Fax your document from Photo Library
- Fax your PDF document from Cloud services (iCloud Dropbox Google Drive Box etc)
- Combine multiple documents into a single fax
- Sign and add text to the fax document
- Hide sensitive information in the fax document
- Select high-quality localized Cover Page at your choice
- Import recipients from CSV file for bulk fax broadcast
- Save as a draft for future use
- Track sent fax's status with ease
- Push notification when fax job has been completed
- Automatically retry faxes that don't go through initially - no additional charge or action required from you
- One tap to resend the fax to failed recipient(s).
- Create/Save frequently used recipients as Favorites for repeated use
- Detailed Fax Transmission Report for your record

Purchase fax pages from the most suitable pricing tier according to your personal or business needs
8 Fax Pages TW$60 ($7.50/page)
40 Fax Pages TW$240 ($6.00/page)
120 Fax Pages TW$590 ($4.92/page)
400 Fax Pages TW$1490 ($3.73/page)

Fax Pages has no expiry date. If a fax is failed to send the system will credit back any failed or unsent pages. We only charge for sent pages.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We respect importance of privacy and confidentiality. Communication between device and server is strongly encrypted. All fax information will only be used for fax transmission purpose. We will not keep copy of sent faxes. Fax content will be destroyed upon completion of the fax transmission.

Contact Us
We're always excited to hear from you!
If you have feedback questions or concerns please email us at support@fax886.com.

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1.44 released on 02 July 2020 (115 days ago)
1.43 released on 23 March 2020 (216 days ago)

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Size: 24 MB
Version: 1.45 by Extracomm Inc.
Updated: 14 October 2020 (11 days ago)
Released: 06 June 2018
Installations: more than 10 000
 FAX886 - Fax Machine for TW
5 Stars: 450
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