Fate of Phoenix

Fate of Phoenix

Master your strategy rule your Kingdom become a Legend.

Fate of Phoenix
Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix Fate of Phoenix

The kingdom has fallen! The empire of Azenor, once strong and prosperous, was attacked by the Dark Lord and his hordes of horrible, savage orks. The realm repelled the threat, but at what cost? Cities that were once rich and beautiful are in ruins; lords who used to be like brothers are locked in strife; the peaceful races of humans, elves, and dwarves are oppressed by hunger and devastation. And worst of all are the rumors that the Dark Lord is back! One hope remains for the abandoned kingdom: a hero who will unite all races, destroy the orks, and become the new king! Will you be this hero?

Start in this classic strategy RPG as the lord of your own castle, upgrade it, expand your influence to the countryside, and conquer your own kingdom! Thousands of threats stand in your way: you are surrounded by dens of monsters and the undead, and the mighty lords of other castles long to destroy you and rule your lands. Act wisely, be strategic, train your army, and summon mighty beasts to become the strongest king and the new Emperor of Azenor!

Fate of Phoenix is a strategy RPG with the following features:

● Build up your city from a small fort to the capital! Build plants, collect resources, invite inhabitants, and upgrade buildings to make your stronghold rich and unassailable—the best features of classic city builder strategy games.
● Win the global war! Challenge real players all around the world in a battle for the empire. Improve your strategy, siege nearby cities, spy on and control villages to prove your superior power. Become the greatest leader in Azenor.
● Mobilize your army and train your troops. Recruit an army of 24 units of different levels. Train and upgrade your infantry, cavalry, ranged attackers, spies, siege machines, and beasts. Unleash your fury against the monsters!
● Summon mighty beasts to join your army. When your kingdom is under attack by horrible monsters, humans are useless against such a threat. Bolster your squads with glorious and strong beast reinforcements that can replace 10,000 solders: terrifying trolls, fire dragons, dangerous yetis, or noble gryphons.
● Follow a campaign with detailed lore to save your kingdom. The empire is on the edge of destruction due to the strife and hunger. But now horrible orks are returning to the realm in search of mayhem and revenge. Be the one to save Azenor!
● Join the Alliance! Find allies all around the world and destroy the strongest enemies together. Help your friends to expand their territories, or betray them to become the ruler of greatest kingdom!

About this version (3.0.26)

• Disassembling of Relics into particles is avaliable now. You can disassemble the Relics with the help of the Jeweler. • Fixed issue with frozen marches and some other issues.

Other versions

3.0.25 released on 27 December 2020 (890 days ago)
3.0.24 released on 22 December 2020 (895 days ago)
3.0.22 released on 30 September 2020 (978 days ago)
3.0.21 released on 13 September 2020 (995 days ago)
3.0.20 released on 30 July 2020 (1040 days ago)

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Version: 3.0.26 by GamingSense
Updated: 26 January 2021 (860 days ago)
Released: 28 November 2019
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Fate of Phoenix
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