Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter

Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter

Fast Scanner app helps to scan pdf & OCR text; also works as a photo translator.

 Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter
 Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter  Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter  Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter  Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter  Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter

Fast Scan Document & Cam Scanner PDF Converter app is a document scanner app that makes your mobile a portable document scanner. Fast scan app converts documents as images or PDF. PDF converter app is a fast scan application that works to scan PDF documents OCR text scanner and also works as a photo translator. Free document scanner takes out wording from images like books documents bills instructions and also it allows you to instantly translate your text to all available languages. Fast scanner app is a small pocket scanner which helps you to scan documents to pdf and allows you to quickly share via email social media or any other medium. Document scanner app is a smart pdf converter and absolutely free scanner. This pdf converter app works like a fast scanner on any type of scan documents in home or office. By using OCR text scanner app it will extract text from documents and then user can translate that in all languages. Document Scanner app is used for PDF documents which make your smartphone into a portable scanner. By using fast scanner you can scan plenty of records daily receipts any kind of reports or just anything. Document scanner has OCR text scanner which supports footage pictures documents and images to hold them and create an original scanned document. Fast Scan Document & Cam Scanner PDF converter makes a clear copy of the hard file into soft copy form OCR (optical character recognition) that transfers pictures into text and creates PDF documents instantly. So Document scanner is compliant for pictures and images to extract text from them and perfectly works as OCR text scanner.

Fast scanner app functions like optical character recognition text readers other than scanning documents. OCR is mainly used for recognizing text on an image which is either in handwritten or typed text format. Fast Scanner is a highly friendly user application.
πŸ“‹ Photo Translator πŸ“‹
Photo Translator is very helpful for translating documents. Fast Scanner allows the user to extract text from a document and then easily translate the text in other languages. You can select text from any document like receipts books manuals etc. Photo translator app will translate any file without any hassle.
πŸ“  Document Scanner πŸ“ 
Document Scanner app works as a fast scanner app / fast scan and you can easily edit documents within no time with the functionality of PDF scanner.
πŸ“PDF Converter πŸ“
PDF converter enables users to convert the document into PDF file or in any format. PDF converter will easily convert documents for you.

πŸ•― Main features of Fast Scanner πŸ•―
πŸ’‘ Fast Scanner easily creates PDF document.
πŸ’‘ Document scanner has automatic edge detection feature.
πŸ’‘ Fast Scanner App has a very User Friendly UI.
πŸ’‘ Amazing files and folders organize in fast scanner app.
πŸ’‘ The Camera scanner application is for receipt images and document scanning.
πŸ’‘ Fast scan app has accurate results which can be seen in a PDF converter.
πŸ’‘ Extract text from images and then translate that text by photo translator app.
πŸ’‘ Camera Scanner app has Auto Language Detection.
πŸ’‘ With OCR text scanner app convert any image into PDF file.
πŸ’‘ Fast scanner app makes your life easier.
πŸ’‘ Document scanner gives High-quality PDF or JPEG output.
πŸ’‘ You can easily save documents with fast scan app.
πŸ’‘ With camera scanner converter image to PDF form.

Download β€œFast Scan Document & Cam Scanner PDF Converter” and make your life easier…!!!

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 Fast Scan: Document & Cam Scanner, PDF Converter
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