Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler

Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler

Clean, cool & boost your phone max and give a fast boost clean to android phone

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Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler
Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler

How Max Booster works
Max Booster restart/kill running background apps process and make your phone fast. Reduce CPU usage by killing the apps that takes too much RAM that cause phone heat problem and cool down phone by reduce the uses of CPU, kill battery draining apps for better battery time.

Running too many apps in background makes your phone slow, hang, hot and reduce phone performance while your are playing games and during multitasking. Now make your phone fast and clean by killing and pause background running apps process and cache data that leads to max phone performance and clean your phone. By Cleaning unnecessary phone background data phone run faster and smoother.

All-In-One Super Cleaner, Booster for phone, Clean phone cache, Fast CPU Cooler app for android and app manager

Best Super cleaner app to optimize your phone performance. Free Cleaner for android phones to clean phone cache, kill background running apps processes and pause them to enhance phone performance. Fast super cleaner for the android phone that works for the android in perfect manner to optimize your phone performance. This super speed cleaner app kill & stop background running process smartly that make more storage on your phone for multitasking and other processes that give a fast boost to phone make your phone fast. Free Super cleaner app is combination of Super speed cleaner, cpu cooler and to optimize your phone performance.

- Super Speed Cleaner, clean and boost your phone.
- Fast CPU Cooler, Cool down you phone temp.

Super cleaner app works for phone in perfect manner, clean, cool your phone

Features of Super Speed Cleaner app for android

Super speed Cleaner: Clean up phone
Speed up phone speed and performance on just one tab. Boost your phone performance and give a boost to our process. Play games with confident without not worry about device slow problem. Fast and perfect way to boost, clean, cool your phone.

Phone Cooler- Fast cool down phone
Phone Cooler is a totally free cooling app that cool down phone temperature and Make phone cooling down. Temperature monitoring and controlling is now with ease and comfort. Detect the heavy resourcing and battery consuming apps that make your phone slow. Close those heavy resources consuming apps with just one tab to cool down phone and make phone cool fast and optimize. Real time temp monitoring and controlling with this best cooler app cool down phone. Fast clean cpu cooler enhance overall phone

Phone Booster- Boost up phone speed
Boost your phone speed run your phone faster and smooth. Kill background running apps and process to make phone performance better and smoother.

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1.3.1 released on 26 March 2021 (122 days ago)
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1.2.9 released on 09 January 2021 (198 days ago)
1.2.7 released on 11 August 2020 (349 days ago)
1.2.5 released on 25 November 2019 (609 days ago)

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Size: 6 MB
Version: 1.3.2 by TheAppsStorm
Updated: 06 April 2021 (111 days ago)
Released: 25 March 2019
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Max Booster: Super Cleaner, Phone CPU Cooler
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