Fast Charger - Fast Charging

Fast Charger - Fast Charging

No.1 Super Fast Charger 100x app for you. This app help you to charge phone fast

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Fast Charger - Fast Charging
Fast Charger - Fast Charging Fast Charger - Fast Charging Fast Charger - Fast Charging Fast Charger - Fast Charging

Fast Battery Charger - The faster charging battery charging application for phones

Ultra-fast charging super fast charge 2020 helps to fast charging your device reduce battery charging time and extend battery long life. Battery charger for android is available with an adaptive fast battery charging which can minimize phone battery charging problems. Some chargers take a lot of time to charge mobile so fast battery charger 2020 is here for your help it will kill the background running apps and battery draining apps adjust the phone brightness and other phone optimized settings to make the charging process fast with use of this fast charger app.

Key features

β˜† Automatically Increases the your phone's charging capabilities by fast charger app
β˜† Kill unused background apps when charging running
β˜† When the phone is idle Intelligent control Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth reduce the consumption of mobile phones charge
β˜† Use dark solid background to reduce image rendering and reduce screen power consumption quality
β˜† Real-time monitoring of mobile phone temperature to prevent the charging temperature overheating Info
β˜† Reduce the screen brightness to save battery power more
β˜† Accurately estimate the remaining time of charge to full.

Fast Battery Charger gives you an optimal solution for your device! With a simple and easy-to-use way interface design you will have a great experience using the fast charging & fast charger app.

Fast charger by removing background apps that help your phone to speed up battery charging speed.

Supported devices Samsung galaxy Sony Lenovo Oppo Asus LG Huawei Nexus Tablet Xaomi Galaxy S6 Edge Plus LG G4 G5 V10 Nexus 5x 6P Xperia Z4 Z5 CompactNote 5 Galaxy s8 plus Galaxy S7 etc...

How to charge my battery fast ?
It will clean the RAM and kill all the background applications automatically and help to fast charge your phone.

πŸš€ When plug charging Super Fast Charging 2020 - Super fast Charge Battery Faster will enable Fast Charge mode automatically.

πŸš€ All you need to do is choose the β€œFast Charger app” and the Fast charger battery will do the rest.

All optimizing processes to have fast healthy battery charge will be done automatically
Then you can enjoy the quick charge battery process.
Also you can change the setting of smart charging mode by click to β€œsetting” icon

⚑ Fast charging & charger support 99.99% Android devices

If you are looking for an fast charger app to speed up fast charging Super Fast Charging 2020 - Charge Battery Faster is the best selection for you to have quick charger

β˜… How Super Fast Charger 100x Master works
Super Fast Charger & Charging is automatically enabled when you plug the charger you just need to click the "START" button to begin speed charge.
The application will find and kill applications that drain the battery. The application can also turn off battery-draining services such as wifi bluetooth auto-sync brightness screen timeout 3G 4G... according to user preferences. This may help your battery to charge faster.
When you want to stop fast charging you simply click the "STOP" and all settings will be restored again.

Fast charger battery (fastest battery charger) is the best application produced to help mobile users boost charging speed (charge battery fast 2020) with one click.
Super-Fast Charging 2020 is an application that provides great support to your Android device with complete battery information. This amazing app has a great & easy to Use User Interface and brilliant functions that can boost charging speed and increase the battery charging speed. This quick charger app will show the battery level as well as some battery information. It can start charging fast and saving battery life automatically without any action from you. This is a fast battery charger tool for your device. it provides accurate battery status such as health temperature voltage and many more.

About this version (1.5)

πŸ”‹Super Fast Charger App πŸ”Œ

Other versions

1.4 released on 14 January 2021 (1052 days ago)
1.3 released on 17 November 2020 (1110 days ago)

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Size: 11 MB
Version: 1.5 by Trusted Apps Studio
Updated: 16 February 2021 (1019 days ago)
Released: 11 October 2020
Installations: more than 50 000
Fast Charger - Fast Charging
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