Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️

Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️

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Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️
Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️ Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️ Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️ Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️ Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️ Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️ Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️ Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️

Install this free test version of this Thaana (ތާނަ) Android keyboard for Dhivehi (ދިވެހި), provide your feedback, and this keyboard and all future improvements will be yours to keep forever.

This Dhivehi (ދިވެހި) keyboard makes typing in Thaana (ތާނަ) script easier than ever before. You no longer have to resort to Latin letters to write the Dhivehi language (ދިވެހިބަސް) in all your favorite Android apps. Instead you can do it in Thaana (ތާނަ), the script unique to the Maldives that so elegantly and accurately represents the sound system of Dhivehi.

🤯 Type Thaana letters faster by using our unique multi-tap system. Thaana is very special because you never need to type the same letter twice in a row. This means that the keyboard can interpret additional taps on the same key as a call for the next letter in that key's long-press group. There's no need to be slowed down by a Shift key or long-pressing.
🌠 Quickly type all the consonants (އަކުރު), vowels (ފިލި) and most of the common punctuation characters from the main screen.
✔️ Auto-complete provides suggestions to enter commonly used Dhivehi words in Thaana.
❝❞ Smart quotes automatically provide left and right quote marks, both single and double.
🧭 A wide assortment of special characters is available on the symbols screen, including the right-to-left and left-to-right markers, that ensure that other characters appear exactly where you want them to.

For the full, interactive description of all the functionality, and to provide feedback as a tester, please visit DhivehiMediaGroup.com/keyboard at our website link below.

After the paid version of this app is released, this test version will continue to be available to the Google accounts that installed it during this initial phase. In fact, it will always receive any future updates made available in the paid version. All we ask is that you provide feedback using the feedback form on our website.

Is this the most brilliant Dhivehi keyboard you've ever seen? Please rate us on Google Play. Do you have ideas on how to make the keyboard even better? Tell us at our website's feedback form. Thank you!

About this version (0.0.23)

🌟 First release! Please help us make this the best Dhivehi keyboard ever.

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Released: 04 September 2020
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Faseyha Dhivehi Keyboard ⌨️
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