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Fantasy World

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Fantasy World
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● Open map
The main city is a virgin forest with 11,000 grids. Players start with a disused city building, flatten all maps, and complete the construction of a city. The material plan before launching: 10 core functional buildings, 11 factories, and 100 buildings. 3000 decorations.
The difference from other simulation constructions is that the art style is more artistic. In addition to the basic terrain such as water and roads, mountains, basins, snow, ice, etc. have been added to increase the level of terrain. For example, building a villa or garden on a mountain.

● Time management
The core numerical gameplay of the game is mainly time management. Complete various orders to obtain gold coins and construction materials. Those who have played the farm should be very easy to get started. Because of the addition of animal placement, you only need to arrange the animal work reasonably to manage the city with half the effort. .

● Cultivation
The actual development system of the game is very simple. Players choose to upgrade and unlock. Players can unlock more than 500 modules of the game and complete the upgrade by placing residents on the level tree for research. Originally upgrading the city can unlock the milk factory, but now it is up to you to complete the construction of the milk factory.

Urban construction requires the recruitment of more animals. The participation of animals in factory production, pioneering, construction, and fishing will greatly improve efficiency. Animals can also participate in the research of level trees to speed up the pace of upgrading. 30 animals are expected to be launched before going live. The animal art style has a bit of personality, there are long-legged bunnies, crocodiles with mouths, and penguins like a TV... You will make them 996 or 007, it's all up to you!

● Management system
Abandoning the farming gameplay, reducing the ground interaction of seeding and harvesting, all the products are completed on the tree of the factory, and delicious food will grow on the tree, such as milk tea, popcorn, pancakes and fruits...Commodity production There is no pre-commodity combination model, so that the order can be completed more directly and quickly. The order system has a regular list of gold coins, and a travel order has been added to the time-limited order. For this reason, an animal that loves loneliness is also designed. If it is suddenly embarrassed and not lazy, it will complete a different special order for you.

● Joint operation
In a guild-like family system, there will be a common operation method. In addition to the common guild’s basic functions, the main highlight is that everyone’s first piece of land to build the entire family island, everyone has a home and a house, inside the house It can also be decorated, which has been shown in our actual video. Every member of the clan can obtain rich resources through mining, business running, fishing, and expedition.

● Customized decoration
Players can DIY by themselves in the player’s city, family’s home yard, and home interior. Whether it’s a road, a chair, or even a piece of grass, players need to build it by themselves. You can create a wedding venue, or a forest party, or even a world of ice and snow. A broad world map can satisfy you. your requirements. The decoration has everything you need, whether it is ocean style or Alice style.

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