FamilyKeeper Parent

FamilyKeeper Parent

Parental monitoring App to help parents to keep their children safe from danger.

FamilyKeeper Parent
FamilyKeeper Parent FamilyKeeper Parent FamilyKeeper Parent FamilyKeeper Parent FamilyKeeper Parent

Being a parent is undoubtedly an overwhelming task especially when it comes to protecting children from online threats. If you propose monitor chats and your child's social media behavior you need a free parental control app that works well on the Android operating system and platform.

Remember this is a modern age and a digital world with an all-new generation of tech-savvy kids. It is the modern age where toddlers are ardent lovers of tablets and teens text to interact. Also most modern schools have involved computers and tablets in their routine activities. Parents are bound to allow their children and teens to have a mobile phone because it's a brilliant way to get in touch with them and track their activities. It also gives parents a sense of security and safety.

In this modern age the excessive use of mobile phones and technology can get your children into all sorts of mischief regardless of the reason. They are spending too much time gazing at their mobile screens or using age-inappropriate sites and apps.FamilyKeeper app will help keep a check on what your child does online and effectively limit child screen time. The GPS enabled
App can assist your child activities on phone/tablet which you can monitor from all locations. It will help inform the parents about their child's safety and security.

While your kids are learning how to work on their future and make friends online you can do your part by protecting them from any online threat or damage. Check your app store for the best parental control app & family locator. Parental control apps can assist you in monitoring activities online behavior social media interactions texts and other mobile functions.

FamilyKeeper Parent App does everything enabling parents to customize precisely what content your children should have access to app monitoring including Facebook and YouTube app blocking track location and more. The parental control app gives parents tools to decrease the total time your children spend on the internet. There's also support for real-time alerts on all messaging platforms including social media to get alerts when your child enters or leaves a specific area. Above all the app also gives you access and the right to block or control usage on the phone.

You can keep your children safe with the help of the FamilyKeeper app. You can capture and recognize the potential threats and block harmful sites with this one-stop-app for parental controls. It also allows parents to limit how much time their child spends on the phone restrict access to certain sos malicious content and keep track of their child's location.

Features of FamilyKeeper-

• Offers Parental control for security
• Acts as Screen Time Blocker
• Provides alerts for Family GPS tracker
• Provides Real-time alerts for age-inappropriate activities
• Tracks unusual events
• Detect social media followers
How to install Family Keeper Parent App?

• Visit Google Play Store
• You can download and register to the FamilyKeeper app
• You can then quickly and conveniently pair the parent & child app with the help of a unique pin code available in the app

With these simple few steps you will be able to track and monitor your child's activities and behavior. FamilyKeeper app is an innovative artificial intelligence platform especially for parents who are always short on time. It will also build a connection between the parent and child with a complete analysis of the data collected. It is among the top contenders of the best parental control apps.

The FamilyKeeper app is available in the languages like Hebrew/ Kazakh / Chinese / English / Latvian / Russian and Spanish.

If you have any questions about working and installing the FamilyKeeper app you can help and online support at or through email at

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Size: 16 MB
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Updated: 22 November 2020 (61 days ago)
Released: 23 January 2019
Installations: more than 10 000
FamilyKeeper Parent
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