Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location

《Fake Location》Teleport your phone anywhere in the world。fake location gps

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Fake GPS Location
Fake GPS Location Fake GPS Location Fake GPS Location Fake GPS Location

For previous versions Lollipop (5.1) needs to move system app (required root access only for that action can be removed later).

- Change GPS location to the selected location
- For ROOTED devices you can mock locations without enabling "Allow mock locations" option. Please move app to /system/priv-app

Developer Mode:
Developer mode being activated
1. Settings - About phone - Software - Build number (7 clicks).
2. Settings - Developer Options - or mock locations Allow mock locations apps selection

Any inappropriate use of the application (including traps) will not be supported by our team and it is your responsibility if you use it for that.

This application is provided "as is" and we can not be responsible for any use by the end users of our application.

About this version (2.7.1)

Fix some bugs

Other versions

2.6.9 released on 27 July 2021 (790 days ago)

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Updated: 20 April 2022 (523 days ago)
Released: 14 April 2020
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Fake GPS Location
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