Facie: AI Photo Artist

Facie: AI Photo Artist

Make yourself an Anime Portrait Sketch Simpson Caricature and more!

Facie: AI Photo Artist
Facie: AI Photo Artist Facie: AI Photo Artist Facie: AI Photo Artist Facie: AI Photo Artist Facie: AI Photo Artist Facie: AI Photo Artist

Would you like to have fun with faces?

Now, turn your selfie into unique faces with funpacked filters and share on social media!

Welcome to the Facie!

Facie is a face swap application based on artificial intelligence (ai). With a single selfie, you can create special face swaps. Facie, also provides the ability to avatarify your face by using high-quality deepfake technology. Choose whichever you want from within the amazing set of (ai) filters and start to swap your selfie for portraits, human faces that vary by gender and age, ape faces, cartoons even Simpson and anime characters. Easily share on your favorite social media account at the moment you create your new face avatar.

What else does Facie offer?

Human Filters

• See how you look as a different gender with the Gender Swap filter.

• Reface your photo with aging filters. Take a glance at how you seem old, young, and child.

• Meet the baby generator. Try baby filter to swap your selfie for a baby face.

Cartoon Filters

How about doing a toonme challenge to have fun with your friends or family? Then, get in the photo booth and pick one of those cartoon filters like Cartoon 3D, Simpson, or anime characters. Get your portrait refaced by automatically (one tap) using (ai) cartoon filters. Also, add a caricature face that always makes feel a natural drawing on your toonme challenge with the high-quality caricature filter.

Art Filters

Our artificial intelligence face changer is under your command this time as an artist, sketch your selfie and feel that art is just a tap away. Do not forget to try portrait filter, which resembles a renaissance painting in quality.

Ape Filter

Try to swap your selfie with the face of our hairy friends primates. You might even want to see how your face would an impression in the wild. Looking like a ape can be crazy!

Determine the degree of changing your selfie

Facie also presents three options where you can set the degree of face change for each filter. Weak, medium and strong. Determine how much your selfie will change for single outputs or use all three options with quatro save&share.

Share your recordings on social media

Share your Facie photos directly to your favorite social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook. Remember you have different options to change your selfie output like Dual, Quatro, and Before&After effects before share. Your perfectly edited faces will make an impression in your social circle.

Facie has the most advanced face filters that are powered by artificial intelligence (ai) technology. It makes every photo perfect to stop your followers mid-scroll. Share your face swap photos and avatars with everyone you know, and stay on top of entertainment.

Have Fun with Faces!

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Facie: AI Photo Artist
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