EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire

EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire

Find jobs and hire candidates with intelligent matching and video calling

EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire
EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire


EZ Jobs is your one-stop destination for jobs. You can chat to apply for local, part-time, seasonal, student jobs and internships - all in one app.

Looking for a driver, travel, agent, nanny, delivery or designing job? EZJobs is not just another cookie-cutter job site. Whether you are searching for jobs in India or jobs in the US, Find locally available jobs and chat to apply immediately - no expansive resume submission necessary on the EZJobs app. A great way to find jobs in us for foreigners from all parts of the world!


• Download The App: Get the EZJobs App right here.

• Search Suitable Jobs: Browse through thousands of local jobs suited to match your needs

• Let Employers Discover You: Sit back and let top employers discover your resume and invite you to apply

• Chat With Employers: Chat to apply to jobs posted by employers.


• No resume? No worries: EZ Jobs makes it simpler than ever to find local jobs in US and India without those expansive resumes.

• Create your own video intro: Make your own video introduction describing your talent and proficiencies. Let top employers in India find you EZ.

• Find employers who don't mind: They're just as tired of long resumes as you. Instead, reach out to them creatively with a standout interactive video resume! Use this unique feature to reach top companies.


No credit card information necessary. Even after you get that job. Send us your wishes!


Make the hiring process painless with four simple steps:

1. Download the EZ Jobs app: right here on the play store!

2. Find Suitable Candidates: Find top local talent suited for your job

3. Or Let Candidates Apply: Let top candidates discover your job and chat to apply

4. Chat With Future Employees: Chat with prospective employees and hire instantly


• Chat with employees on the spot: hire people by chatting with them directly. View public profiles and send chat requests to anyone you like

• Accept positions within minutes: close positions as soon as you find your right candidate on the app

• Create as many vacancies as you want: post as many jobs as you like. Fill all your vacancies with candidates on EZJobs.

• No tiring job descriptions: Don't feel like typing an essay? Fill out a short description or speak to your phone about what you want!


• Part and Full-time vacancies: Whether it is part-time, full-time, contract jobs, student jobs or even a nanny, hire people ready to start work immediately.

• Find local candidates that match the job: With EZ Jobs, you can hire for internships and student jobs right from your town and neighbourhood.


• Chat anytime: Like a candidate? Chat with them by clicking the "Chat to Hire" button on their profile. It will instantly send them a chat request.

• Hire for unconventional jobs: with a laundry-list of blue-collar, part-time, local and unconventional jobs that you won't find on the regular job portals, EZJobs lets you conveniently hire for unconventional jobs

• Swipe to view next profile: Use the fabled swiping method to view the next or previous profiles.

• One step signup: Sign up on EZ Jobs with email, Facebook or just your phone number.


About this version (1.2.67)

- Improved User Experience - Minor Bug fixes

Other versions

1.2.65 released on 03 February 2022 (243 days ago)
1.2.64 released on 18 January 2022 (259 days ago)
1.2.63 released on 17 December 2021 (291 days ago)
1.2.62 released on 09 December 2021 (299 days ago)
1.2.59 released on 03 November 2021 (335 days ago)
1.2.58 released on 22 October 2021 (347 days ago)
1.2.57 released on 07 October 2021 (362 days ago)
1.2.54 released on 31 August 2021 (399 days ago)
1.2.52 released on 19 August 2021 (411 days ago)
1.2.47 released on 12 July 2021 (449 days ago)
1.2.42 released on 22 June 2021 (469 days ago)
1.2.40 released on 26 May 2021 (496 days ago)
1.2.37 released on 07 May 2021 (515 days ago)
1.2.36 released on 20 April 2021 (532 days ago)
1.2.34 released on 18 March 2021 (565 days ago)

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EZJobs Find Jobs, Chat & Hire
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