Eye Candy - Selfie Camera

Eye Candy - Selfie Camera

The best free selfie camera with filters. Look beautiful for moments to remember

 Eye Candy - Selfie Camera
 Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera  Eye Candy - Selfie Camera

** If you are looking for a photo app with tons of filters professional photo editor and easy to use Eye Candy camera is the one. **

It’s selfie time!
With beautiful filters you can take beautiful selfies and photos in seconds anytime and anywhere!
Join people from all over the world taking selfies with Eye Candy Selfie Camera.

Don’t miss out on Eye Candy Selfie Camera’s amazing features

βœ“ Look beautiful on every photo. Use Eye Candy Selfie Camera for moments to remember.
βœ“ Eye Candy Selfie Camera is a professional selfie camera for your device. Create beautiful selfies in seconds with many filter effects to choose from.
βœ“ Adjust live filters to your specific needs there are infinite adjustments possibilities. Don’t settle for less than perfection. Eye Candy Selfie Camera allows you to set each filter in details. You can literally shoot the same moment billion ways and share it with others.
βœ“ Edit photos with professional photo editing software included in Eye Candy selfie camera to achieve perfection with every photo.
βœ“ Share photos with your friends on your favorite social media.

βœ“ Awesome filters will make your photos look amazing!
βœ“ Selfie filter effects will make your skin look clear and beautiful!
βœ“ Real time live filters for perfect results
βœ“ Auto beauty is just click on perfect filter away!
βœ“ Iconic Unique Basic Artistic filters
βœ“ Add Eye Candy’s filters to your existing photos
βœ“ Fix even the smallest imperfections with included photo editing software.
βœ“ Professional photo editing software is easy to use and you can master it within minutes.
βœ“ Collage take multiple photos and save as one. Choose from many collage styles and grids. It is like a photo booth but with amazing filter effects. Why only take one selfie at a time?
βœ“ Silent mode turn on or off shutter sound timer sound and other sounds. No one will her you making selfies. Never feel embarrassed to take a selfie!
βœ“ Vignette filter that can be fully adjusted for perfect result
βœ“ Retro filters will make your photos look like a thing from the past.
βœ“ Get full control over brightness contract sharpness gamma sepia white balance saturation hue shade color tint and many other essential photo adjustments.
βœ“ Use more than one filter on each photo. Take picture with one filter and add other filters later. Eye Candy Selfie Camera will keep previous versions of your photos so have no fear of mistakes or bad editing.
βœ“ Switch between front facing and back facing camera. Use Eye Candy Selfie Camera for beautiful landscape photos.
βœ“ Are you a foodie / food lover? You can even create beautiful food pictures with Eye Candy camera. Bring the juiciness out with amazing filters and share the tasty moments on social networks.
βœ“ Share your perfect selfies and photos with your friends using our easy to share function to social media like Facebook Twitter Instagram and other apps installed on your device.
βœ“ Timer take photos hands free or use selfie stick.
βœ“ Take photos with pressing volume button on your device.
βœ“ Add Geo Tag to your photos to remember where they were taken (requires location permission)
βœ“ Emergency selfie widget
βœ“ Screen flash for front facing camera

** Once you start using Eye Candy Selfie Camera you will understand why people from all around the world consider it the best camera app out there. **

Create photos so beautiful they melt in viewers’ eyes.

Eye Candy Selfie Camera For Moments to Remember!

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 Eye Candy - Selfie Camera
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