Exit Fate

Exit Fate

An RPG that will grip your heart

Exit Fate
Exit Fate Exit Fate Exit Fate Exit Fate Exit Fate Exit Fate Exit Fate

Daniel is a colonel in the royal army of Kirgard. As Kirgard wages war against its arch rival, the State Union of Zelmony, a series of events leads Daniel astray from the war and his own people. Now he must find out at all costs, the one that has betrayed him.

Get mesmerized in classic RPG gameplay with as many as 75 playable characters, tons of areas and a huge world to explore. Get engrossed in the deep story-line of Exit Fate in your struggle to come to terms with your past and bring peace to the world, at the same time.

1) The game has only limited support for direct touch input. The direction keys that should be visible on the left hand side of the screen and the input buttons on the right are recommended for playing.

2) Enable Wide Controls to get back the wider control area from previous versions. To enable, tap on the top leftmost corner of your screen (where three-dots might be visible) and choose "Toggle Wide Controls". Then restart the game (quit completely and start again)

3) You can backup and restore save games from the same menu from (2)

Exit Fate is also available for Windows from the original developer, SCF and for Linux and Mac from RadialApps




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Size: 0 MB
Version: 4.1 by RadialApps
Updated: 15 June 2019 (1569 days ago)
Released: 07 May 2017
Installations: more than 5 000
Exit Fate
5 Stars: 222
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2 Stars: 4
1 Star: 74

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