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Learning Portal Learning Portal Learning Portal Learning Portal Learning Portal Learning Portal Learning Portal Learning Portal

Learning Portal (LP) - former Exam Reviewer Portal (ERP) is a platform that can be useful for Teachers, Students, Reviewers and Reviewees, Professors, and even Practising Professionals.

Teachers/Professors - Create and publish your assessments, exams or quizzes for your class. You can view the result by using the ClassHub feature in this app.

For Reviewees and Students:
Get your assessment/exam modules and review materials that will boost up preparations for different examinations like PRC Board Exam, Civil Service Exam, College Entrance Exam, and/or your class subject exams.

Reviewers - Create and publish your own learning modules and review materials to help more students all over the world in achieving their dream license or goals.

Practising Professionals - Write and publish your own Learning modules and review materials in your specific field to help young professionals learn easily.

Every downloaded module can be accessed even OFFLINE so that you can study anytime and anywhere depending on your available time of study.

Ideal for delivering Essential Lessons, assessments, exams and quizzes, for all levels.

Ideal also as an Exam Reviewer for:
Electronics Engineering (ECE) Licensure Exam
Electrical Engineering (EE) Licensure Exam
Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) or Professional Teachers Licensure Exam
PRC Board Exam for other Engineering
PRC Board Exam for Business and Social Sciences
PRC Board Exam for Health and Allied Sciences
PRC Board Exam for Technology
Civil Service Commission Exams
Other Government Exams
College Entrance Exams
Senior High Reviewers
Junior High Reviewers
Elementary (Grade 1-6) Subjects

Learning Portal Features:
Learning Essentials - Contains theory and principles of some specific topic.
Formative Exam - A type of exam that allows you to answer a question and view its solutions/information right away. It is designed for building a foundation on a certain topic or module.
Mastery Exam - If you want to practice accuracy and strengthen more your foundation then it is perfect for you. It allows you to answer exams on a limited time you choose, also it is a type of exam where the scores and solutions are released just after you finish answering all questions.
Flashing Mode - Questions are automatically shown one by one to be followed by the answer after a given time frame, you can also vary the time the answer can appear or going from one question to another. It is perfect for visualizing the questions for an easy retention.
Assessment - Ideal for remote assessments or examinations for any class.

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