Events Notifier for Calendar

Events Notifier for Calendar

Don't loss more calendar alerts and become the most punctual of your friends

Events Notifier for Calendar
Events Notifier for Calendar Events Notifier for Calendar Events Notifier for Calendar Events Notifier for Calendar Events Notifier for Calendar Events Notifier for Calendar Events Notifier for Calendar Events Notifier for Calendar

Remember when you did not get to that important meeting because you did not hear the reminder that you had planned?

In real life if you are not near to the phone when a reminder becomes active, you will forget it and the consequences can be unpredictable.

This app provides recurring reminders for the calendar events and fully solves the issue.


When a calendar reminder is triggered by the system a message is sent. This app captures the message and starts its work...

With this app you can configure the sound, vibration (vibration patterns are allowed) type and the pattern, led color, repeat interval and much more for the alerts in your Google calendars.

Also you can configure how a reminder stops: when manually stopped, when the event starts or when the event ends.

Regular users can configure global settings, that are active for all the calendars, but PRO users can configure these options locally for each calendar.

PRO users can access to future exclusive functions and has priority technical support. Also PRO users don't view Ads.


You will need to set the sounds for each calendar, or a single overall sound for all calendars. You also need to disable notifications in your calendar application.


The PRO version allows many extra features such as the ability to configure each calendar separately, the ability to define don't do not disturb periods (e.g. don't receive notifications for events from your work calendar during the weekends), set up to 4 shortcuts to easily delay alarms, and remove Ads.


For each of your calendars you can set:

* Repeat alerts Interval
* Do not disturb periods (nights, weekends, ...)
* Sound alert
* Vibration pattern and duration
* LED color (if your phone supports it), LED on/off blink speed

Also, the app can detect some strings into events title/description then cancel sounds, vibrations, put the phone into priority or silent mode, airplane mode,... [PRO]

In addition, you can set if you want alerts to be displayed in the statusbar or using a full screen popup, if you want alerts to be displayed over the lockscreen, if the screen turns on automatically when a alert is triggered ...


Don't forget to contact if you have issues!

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About this version (3.28.383)

Request for "request for exact alarms" permission on Android SDK #31 or higher

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Events Notifier for Calendar
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