Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus

Make event check-in a breeze with QR codes and the Events Tickets Plus App!

Event Tickets Plus
Event Tickets Plus Event Tickets Plus Event Tickets Plus Event Tickets Plus Event Tickets Plus Event Tickets Plus Event Tickets Plus

Keep the line moving and your guests happy with Event Tickets Plus! Your attendees will love having the option of using either mobile or printed tickets, and the Event Tickets Plus App can handle both.

As you scan QR codes at the door, the event attendee list updates in real time on your site—this app works with our Event Tickets Plus ticketing system and allows you to quickly scan attendee tickets and record that information on the admin side of your WordPress site. Combine it with The Events Calendar plugin for a full events management solution!

About this version (1.2.6)

Vibration toggle confirmations added even in silent mode. You’ll feel when check-in scan occurs Use your phone’s camera flash as a flash light with torch mode Added error catching to log bugs you experience on your device and share with us. When users scan a QR code more than once, we’ll wait until a 5-second timer tied to the QR code has expired before scanning again. Your API key is saved when submitted. Updated to latest supported SDK to support phones and operating systems + 64-bit support.

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Updated: 31 December 2019 (531 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Event Tickets Plus
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