Escape Team

Escape Team

Turn your living room into an escape room.

Escape Team
Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team Escape Team

Looking to create an escape room at home? With Escape Team, you‘ll be ready in minutes!

1. Print your mission.
2. Get the app.
3. Gather your friends - you‘re going to need them!

Escape Team is a printable adventure, ready to take place in your living room. With Escape Team, the room will become the center stage of bomb defusals, elevator rescues and plenty of other exciting missions.

It’s great for team building: exit the game and you‘ll be right where you left off - but you will have been brought a bit closer together.

Do you enjoy co-op play? As a date night game or family activity, it provides a rich and immersive, collaborative experience. Work together to solve the puzzles in time.

An adventure game to turn screen time into meaningful play together - with friends, family, and coworkers.

Are you planning to make your own DIY escape room at home? Enter the Escape Team Mission Editor:

The free Escape Team Mission Editor allows you to make Escape Team the game master of your own, custom escape room - use our free, pre-made DIY kit as a starting point, define the time limit of your room, along puzzle solutions and hints.

To increase the immersion, you can even include your own MP3 recordings to be played upon the mission‘s beginning, finish, and after solving each phase.


• A live escape game experience
• Designed for 2-4 players
• Fast-paced audio narration and a thrilling soundtrack
• FREE: Training Mission and Mission 1: »Central Station«
• Missions 2-9 are available as In-App Purchases
• Includes a (forever free) mission editor to create your own missions – for fun, business or education.

Are you ready? We've got no time to lose – download your missions here:

To all of us,
good luck.


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