E-Rank Soldier

E-Rank Soldier

A physical engine-based large-scale battle game.

E-Rank Soldier
E-Rank Soldier E-Rank Soldier E-Rank Soldier E-Rank Soldier E-Rank Soldier E-Rank Soldier E-Rank Soldier

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Lead a mercenary group, carrying out various quests and fighting large-scale battles.
This physical engine-based game creates realistic battle experience.

Use battle commands and strategies wisely to win without losing your mercenaries and find powerful gear.
Each hero has a unique skill to break up enemy formations and subjugate monsters.

- Field Battle: Enjoy up to 60-on-60 battles with other monsters groups or monsters!
Use a smart combination of battle commands and hero skills to beat them.
- Skull Tower: Control a hero and conquer the Skull Tower one floor at a time.
It's swarming with skeletons. Use Ambush to get rid of as many of them as you can at once!
- Tournament: Join the Tournament held in the Capital and other cities. 16 players can compete against each other to get large sums of Gold.
- Dungeon: Gold, Enchant, EXP, and Awakening dungeons are available. Clear them once, and you can auto-clear them to get rewards through Sweep.

- Physical engine-based realistic battles
- Various gear and mercenary types
- Special hero skills
- Intuitive battle style
- Various content (Large-scale battle, the Skull Tower, the Hunt, the Tournament, etc.)
- Optimal loading speed
- Various events for the beginners


About this version (1.4.0)

- Siege Assault Added (Level 30+) - Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Other versions

1.3.93 released on 21 January 2022 (374 days ago)
1.3.8 released on 06 January 2022 (389 days ago)
1.3.2 released on 08 December 2021 (418 days ago)

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E-Rank Soldier
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