Era of Heroes

Era of Heroes

Armed heroes upgraded version

Era of Heroes
Era of Heroes Era of Heroes Era of Heroes Era of Heroes Era of Heroes

Armed heroes upgraded version, what remains unchanged is the original game content, but what has changed is benefits, discounts and items that are difficult to obtain in the original version. upgraded version is easy to get!
1.Gifts for all players
Novice luxury gift packs worth more than NT $8888 will be delivered immediately after landing, as well as massive benefits to help you start quickly and sail away!
2.Item discount
The whole shop enjoys 80% off, Rainbow crystal, Ancestor gem and Pet Amulet. It's easy to obtain!
3.All players vip14
It's so easy to create a role promotion vip14 and reach vip15 when the cumulative recharge is over NT $50. It's so easy to reach the peak of life!
4.Multiple rebate
The rewards of daily rich activities are superimposed, the value of rebate activities is doubled, and the red diamond gets more!
5.Exclusive equipment
Exclusive suit equipment attributes and suit effects are newly launched! Super attribute blessing and cool special effects make you the focus of the whole service again!

About this version (7.00.00)

ไฟฎๅพฉ้ƒจๅˆ†ๅฐŽ่‡ด้–ƒ้€€็š„ๅ•้กŒ Fix some issues that caused crashes

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