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Ever since we launched eQuoo, the only evidence-based Emotional Fitness Game proven to build resilience, boost your relationship skills, enhance personal growth and lower your anxiety we have been inundated with requests from thousands of players for more...well here it is but this time it’s even better….incorporating 52 levels of Game-play packed with new features, Adventure, Fun and Psychological skills

Let me introduce you to the game that is MORE THAN JUST A GAME:

All of the pain, greed and corruption in the world has gelled into a being of power and darkness - The Quavering. It is here to snuff out our inner light and only YOU can bring it back by setting foot on the path of becoming a Lodestar through emotional and psychological growth.

Lodestars are brave people on a journey to becoming their best selves and with that they are bringing back the light one psychological skill at a time.

Go on breath-taking adventures through time, written by Marvel and DC Comic writer Arie Kaplan, while collecting the gem shards needed to destroy ‘The Quavering’ and learn 52 psychological strategies that give you:

Resilience Skills
Interpersonal Relationship Skills
Personal Growth Skills
Anti-Anxiety Skills
Ant-Depression Skills

eQuoo is more than just fun, it’s evidence-based through clinical trials which have been published in the peer-reviewed paper PlosOne to prove it is safe and effective.

Why not try it out for yourself and join the Lodestars.

You are the tipping point.


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