Ethiopian Power of Attorney (E-POA) services.


Ethiopian Power of Attorney (E-POA) services are the critical link between the Ethiopian diaspora community and mainland Ethiopia. For anyone trying to do business settle family affairs retire deal with a medical emergency or simply make an investment back home government laws require a power of attorney or proxy to be in Ethiopia to execute all transactions.

ACESS ALL EMBASSY SERVICES E-POA app’s mission is to fully digitize Ethiopian Embassy services ensure ease-of-access and hassle-free experience for Ethiopians living abroad. With our application you can access critical government services such as the power of attorney passport renewal and yellow card renewal.

LOW COST SERVICE DELIVERY Access many government services in seconds under a single platform. With a few clicks you can gain access to government services with little or no cost at all. E-POA organizes Ethiopian government services in a way that is fast and easy to access.
By optimizing the services and processes we hope to incentivize and generate business for Ethiopians living abroad through our app.

WHAT YOU NEED To use the E-POA app you need any of the following documents

A passport
Driver’s license
Green Card
State ID

The E-POA app is free to download. Download the app today and resolve issues such as

Power of attorney processing speed
Community engagement
Business expediency

Ethiopian origin ID (Yellow Card)
Military ID


About this version (2.1.1)

eSignature issue fixed

Other versions

2.0.4 released on 05 August 2020 (260 days ago)
2.0.2 released on 17 June 2020 (309 days ago)

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