Envol - better health

Envol - better health

The everyday wellness guide that is helping thousands improve their health!

Envol - better health
Envol - better health Envol - better health Envol - better health Envol - better health Envol - better health Envol - better health Envol - better health Envol - better health

Envol app is THE guide to health and wellbeing that is helping thousands of people improve their health and feel better! A recent study conducted on 220 people showed that 96% would recommend Envol to their friends / family, 84% felt better using Envol and all noticed a 92% increase in energy.

‘Envol app is THE digital health supplement that everybody needs’ – says Leon Mao, physiotherapist in Australia.

Give yourself this gift of self-care – Download Envol today!

Envol guides you every day to make the right choices that help you reach your best potential. This means a more energetic, happier, more productive, more balanced, and healthier YOU.

Every morning, you can calculate your recharge score, based on how well you’re nourishing your body (with healthy food, sunlight, nature, gratitude) and your balance between activity and rest. Thanks to its unique algorithm, Envol calculates how much you’ve recharged your body and mind for the day.
Envol is a great addition to any healing or self-care protocol and to help you relieve the symptoms of chronic illness.
You will receive a personalized text to help you identify areas of improvements and congratulate you for your efforts and healthy habits.

Envol offers high qualitative healing tools created from the best relaxation techniques known in the world. You will find exceptional guided meditations, empowering visualization music, 3D sound journeys, lists of positive affirmations and a breathing module to switch off stress and improve wellness.

• Improved health
• Better mood
• Better sense of purpose and wellness
• Improved sleep
• Happier you and more balanced
• Reduced stress levels
• Support in your healing journey
• Less physical symptoms (especially when battling a chronic illness)

Envol is available for free with limited access to features (habit tracker, 2 meditations, 2 affirmations, the breathing module, 2 visualization music, 2 3D sound journey (including ASMR))
To unlock all features, Envol offers a monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscription.
The subscription automatically renews at the end of the subscription period. You can stop the automatic renewal from your Google Play Store or Apple Store account at any time.

‘Envol is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to optimize their health’ says Portland based Doctor Laura Gouge.

All paid subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial. Download Envol today and start feeling better!

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Envol - better health
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