Entonal Tuner

Entonal Tuner

Microtonal instrument tuner for just intonation and traditional tunings

Entonal Tuner
Entonal Tuner Entonal Tuner Entonal Tuner Entonal Tuner

Tune your instrument to any scale you can imagine. Perfect harmony, or super sharp dissonance, and everything in between. Accurately recreate traditional music from around the world, as well as pre-modern western music.

Or use it as a standard instrument tuner!

Each scale can be selected, and its notes can be played to get a feel for it before tuning your instrument.

Each scale may have a different root note (1/1), and the root note frequency (1/1) can be adjusted while tuning.

Entonal Tuner was created when the developer began to learn about Just Intonation and microtonal music. He soon found that it, although some tuning apps support different temperaments and scales, they are difficult to edit, and not a "first class citizen". So the seed was planted... and Entonal Tuner was born.

You can switch between 3 scales for free, in order to make sure the basic functionality works for your instrument and device. In order to select more scales and to create custom scales, the Pro Upgrade is required.

About this version (1.2.3)

Fixed issue where root frequency was not updating when changed from tuner screen. Fixed feedback form.

Other versions

1.2.2 released on 02 December 2020 (915 days ago)
1.2.1 released on 03 September 2020 (1005 days ago)
1.2.0 released on 06 May 2020 (1125 days ago)

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Entonal Tuner
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