English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi

English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi

Watch fun videos/Learn to listen&speak/Learn from the explanations of natives✏️

English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi
English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi English Listening Training with Videos: RedKiwi

RedKiwi🥝 is specialized in English Listening! You're supposed to 'Listen' then 'Talk'

1. Learn with the favorite video of your choice!💞

Choose learning videos that perfectly suit you!💘 Enjoy studying videos with RedKiwi!🥰
You can't resist learning English with these fun😆 videos!😉
(RedKiwi tips🍯: You can even request a video to RedKiwi.)

2. Improve your LC skills with our Listening Quiz👂🏻

Ever find yourself staring blankly at the screen while studying English?🤨
That won't be the case with RedKiwi!🙅🏻‍♀️ Complete the sentence by tapping the words and listening repetitively
With constant practice, you'll enhance your listening skills!👂🏻 Listening is the key to conversations!👄

3. Enjoy learning English with videos with the right difficulty⭐️

Don't you hate it when you're trying to learn English and can't understand a thing?😢
That won't be the case learning with RedKiwi, as we sort the videos into 3 difficulty levels
New to English? Don't worry!🤗 RedKiwi covers everyone from beginners to experts!👌🏻

4. My personal English teacher RedKiwi! Learn more with the explanation of our native teachers💯

Do you want to learn the different uses of the verb 'align'? Or do you want to learn when the word 'neither' should be used?👀
Touch the Q&A button to view the additional commentary which explains more about the sentence.📝
Learn more about culture, expressions, and vocabulary!🎁
You'll have fun learning English with the commentary of our native teachers.💓

How to make the bestof RedKiwi 🙌🏻

- Business English: Learn words and phrases that you might need to use often in the office. (How to read charts📊, discussing business, etc)

- Travel English: Before you travel abroad✈️, you should at least memorize these words and phrases! Learn how to check your reservation, ask for directions, check-in to your flight, and more with RedKiwi.

- Daily English: Are you going as an exchange student? Or on a working holiday? Or to study abroad? So you don't panic in your new environment, let's study English words and phrases you can use in daily conversations and prepare for living abroad.

- English for children: 🧒🏻 We have content set to the eye-level of children as well. It will help not only children but also English beginners to have fun while learning English.

- Preparing for an English test?: To ace your English speaking test💬 you will need to be able to speak fluently about a specific subject. By studying with all the diverse content we have on RedKiwi, you'll be sure to think of the perfect subject to talk about on the test! Find expressions you can use on your test and save them, so you can review them later.⭐️

Who should download RedKiwi?👇🏻

- People who want to geek out while learning English😍
- People who want to learn with English dramas, movies, interviews, and Pop songs🎤 (lyrics🎶) but are too lazy to look them up.😴
- People who don't get along with Grammar and Voca books📚
- People who want to learn English during their free time⏰
- People who dream of watching videos without translation or subtitles💡

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