Emotion Code

Emotion Code

Release your trapped emotions by using the Emotion Code.

Emotion Code
Emotion Code Emotion Code Emotion Code Emotion Code

The Emotion Code app is the perfect companion for Emotion Code practitioners professional and novice alike. With an interactive Chart of Emotions the app makes practicing the Emotion Code from your Android faster than ever. Identify a chart row and column with muscle testing then tap to zoom in. Tap an emotion to view that emotion’s description. Clear the trapped emotion then tap the chart button to zoom back out and start again.

Also included in the app are resources to help you succeed with The Emotion Code. First we’ve included the text and audio of the first two chapters from Dr. Bradley Nelson's groundbreaking book The Emotion Code. Also available is live interactive chat with our customer support team and access to our knowledge base of frequently asked questions.


The Emotion Code was developed by renowned holistic physician and lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson. Dr. Nelson discovered how emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions.” These trapped emotions are emotional energies that literally inhabit your body creating physical pain emotional stress and eventual disease. The Emotion Code is a method of identifying and releasing these trapped emotions enabling individuals to discover peace prosperity and abundance in all areas of their lives.

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Updated available book chapters.

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Emotion Code
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