EMF Detector - EMF Reader

EMF Detector - EMF Reader

EMF Radiation Detector & EMF Meter To Detect Electromagnetic fields & metals.

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EMF Detector - EMF Reader
EMF Detector - EMF Reader EMF Detector - EMF Reader EMF Detector - EMF Reader

EMF Detector: EMF is a short for electromagnetic field, while a device that is used for detecting emf is called emf meter, indicator, finder, scanner, tester, reader or what ever the term may be used to justify the function of device.

EMF Detector App: EMF Detector App or EMF measurement App for android is simply an App that uses the Android build in magnetic field sensor to detect the emf.

So the above definitions for emf meter are pretty much enough to understand what emf detector & reader app is about in general. This Electromagnetic field detector can help you detect emf level for many electronic devices easily for free. The electromagnetic sensors of android devices upon which this emf detector works have a very close range that is approximately 15 to 25 cm.

So as we have learnt above that how the electromagnetic field is used by the emf detector now it is time to tell you in what cases its useful for and how this emf detector can also be used for cases such as metal detector, emf leaks by some electronic equipments and even as ghost detector(for some people who believe that a sudden drastic change in electromagnetic fields determines the presence of ghosts -ooo scary :p)

This is a true e magnetic field finder app as it takes reading right out from Em field sensors, while the accuracy of data is limited to the accuracy of the respective sensors of android devices.

This Ultimate emf detecter & emf scanner app for android have two types of meters to indicate the emf readings. One is digital emf meter and other one is analog emf meter. This free electromagnetic field sensor app also produces beep sound when a potential emf is detected.

How to use this free emf detector app for android
πŸ‘‰ first install this free app from Play Store.
πŸ‘‰ Open this new emf detector 2021.
πŸ‘‰ You will be presented with a nice simple home screen with different options.
πŸ‘‰ Tap to instructions section of this ultimate emf finder app 2021.
πŸ‘‰ Then come back to home screen and select either the digital emf detector or analog emf detector page as per your convenience.
πŸ‘‰ Bring your device closer to those materials or devices that you want to detect emf for.
πŸ‘‰ Thats it now you will be able to read the emf readings on your screen with helpful text messages and also warning sounds for high emf readings.

Emf Measurement App Main features:
β˜… Detect emf of potentially harmful electronic devices and keep safe distance.
β˜… Detect some metals that produce some induced emfs.
β˜… Detect paranormal activities while using it as a ghost detector or a ghost hunting tool or spirit detector.
β˜… Offline magnetic field detector free app.
β˜… Low space consuming relative to most of the emf scanner apps.
β˜… Free available on Google play.

Use this free tool to detect the areas of potential magnetic fields and be safe from harmful magnetic fields.

Emf Detector 2021: Emf meter, reader, finder & scanner cannot work on devices that does not contain electromagnetic field sensor.
Do not bring your android device too close to high electricity equipments & high magnetic fields as this may can harm your device. Use this App at your own risk.

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About this version (2.1.2)

Bugs Resolved Now Ads can be removed and EMF can be detected in background by paying a small tip for our hard work. size reduces. crashes solved for emf detector | Ghost Detector improved EMF detector Bugs removed. More details Added New EMF Detector 2021

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EMF Detector - EMF Reader
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