Email Go: All email app

Email Go: All email app

email Go - access all mailbox in this online email app. Secure email Signup!

Email Go: All email app
Email Go: All email app Email Go: All email app Email Go: All email app Email Go: All email app Email Go: All email app

Email Go: Read your emails using only one shortcut email application! Email Accounts, Online Mail, Free Secure Mailboxes for All the most popular and most used email apps, office mail, webmail apps are in one app now!

One eMail is a unified, all-in-one email app that lets you access and manage all your email accounts from different providers IN ONE PLACE! So why install tens of individual apps for each email account when you can access all of them with only one app.

Offering unparalleled speed and ease of use, One eMail is the best way to organise and manage your emails, and is the ideal inbox to handle your huge stock of mails.

Making use of cutting edge technology, the app is designed to handle an unlimited number of mails. A seamless unified accounts experience delivered in an intuitive design for ultimate ease of use.

Read emails, send emails, check mailbox of all the popular email providers with this Universal email app. eMail lets you access email accounts of:

- Gmail app
- Hotmail app
- Ms Outlook App
- Zoho or zohomail
- Yahoo Mail App
- Office 365
And many, many others!!

Another aspect that makes this all-in-one email applications absolutely awesome is that it keeps your emails and all the information contained in them highly secure.


EASY ACCESS: eMail enables you to connect, access and manage as many email accounts as you have from different email providers. All the popular email apps like Gmail, hotmail, Office 365, ms outlook and many more can be accessed from one single app.

MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS IN ONE PLACE- No need to download multiple apps like Gmail, Office 365, ms outlook, hotmail etc, when you can use them all via every other mail. Easier email handling using a single app to access all the above mentioned email accounts and many more apart from them.

SEARCH BUILT FOR MOBILE EMAIL - Fastest search of all folders by contact or keywords in an email app, even for super large accounts.

UNDO SEND, DELETE, AND OTHER EMAIL ACTIONS - No regrets. Take email back even after it’s sent.

EASY TO ORGANISE - Message grouping and quick reply from notifications. Access to launcher shortcuts for searching all inboxes or drafting a new message. Easy to switch between hotmail, Office 365, gmail, ms outlook etc. or any other email account provider.

HANDLES UNLIMITED NUMBER OF EMAILS - We have carried out extensive memory and battery tests ensure that your email inbox is always running smooth.

LIGHTNING FAST, SMARTER EMAILS - No more waiting for messages to load, this is the FASTEST email app available for Android. Get your emails instantly!

MAXIMUM SECURITY This email app does not store any data or passwords. So enjoy safe emails for all email providers at one go.

REAL-TIME SMART NOTIFICATIONS - No more checking to see if a flight has a gate change or delay, Email proactively notifies you about flights, hotels, deadline from your boss :P.

FREE TO USE- This all in one email app is 100% free to use--no hidden fees or plans to charge you later.

Here is what you will love about OneMail -

βœ‰οΈ All in one email app for Hotmail, Office 365, Gmail, Ms Outlook mail, Zoho mail, etc.

πŸ“₯ Save space. Get all the email apps in one app which is under a few MBs.

πŸ”† Blazing fast. Loads quickly. Light on phone.

βœ‰οΈ Easy to switch between Hotmail, Gmail, Ms Outlook, Office 365 etc.

πŸ”œ Coming soon - More email apps, advanced filters and organisers for email and much more

So download eMail app and read all your emails with a single shortcut application and never mess up with multiple apps to check your email inbox!!

Disclaimer: This all-in-1 email app is a third party mobile app that has shortcuts of popular, free email service providers. Users can login with their own credentials to email services to use them securely. We do not save or keep any of these, nor do we access these emails to collect any kind of data.

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Other versions

1.0.9 released on 07 February 2022 (596 days ago)
1.0.8 released on 13 January 2022 (621 days ago)
1.0.5 released on 07 December 2021 (658 days ago)
1.0.6 released on 07 December 2021 (658 days ago)
1.0.4 released on 24 November 2021 (671 days ago)
1.1 released on 23 September 2021 (733 days ago)
1.0 released on 02 October 2019 (1455 days ago)

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Updated: 22 March 2022 (553 days ago)
Released: 02 October 2019
Installations: more than 500 000
Email Go: All email app
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1 Star: 160

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