Electricity Meter

Electricity Meter

Keep track of your electricity consumption! Now also remotely!

Electricity Meter
Electricity Meter Electricity Meter Electricity Meter Electricity Meter

If you have had an electricity meter installed in the last few years or you have installed a solar PV installation your electricity meter(s) will be electronic with an LED which flashes. The rate of this flashing is proportional to the amount of power passing through the meter and so useful information is there to be collected.
The frequency of pulses indicates the power demand. The number of pulses indicates energy metered!

With this application you can
1)accurately measure the instantaneous power consumption (kW) of your home. This value is derived capturing at least two consecutive flashes emitted by the LED on the counter and detected by the SENSOR CAMERA or brightness of your Android device. You can then easily calculate the power of each electronic equipment in operation.
2) graphic display of the performance of the power consumption of your home!

Procedure for the calculation of the instantaneous power
1) Make sure that the intensity of the ambient light is less than the threshold value
2) Press the center button to start the measurement mode
3) Place the camera or the light sensor of the your device at the flashing red LED
4) Wait at least 2 flashes for the instantaneous energy consumed


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Check your consumption. Now also remotely! Fix remote monitoring

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Electricity Meter
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