Electrical Wiring Lite

Electrical Wiring Lite

Free subset of Leading Smartphone App for Electricians and other Electrical Pros

 Electrical Wiring Lite
 Electrical Wiring Lite  Electrical Wiring Lite  Electrical Wiring Lite

Partial subset of Electrical Wiring Pro functionality.

Version 5.0 fixes problems some LG phones were experiences. Other brands did not have problems.

- Pire Wheel/Ohms Law
- Conduit Offset/3pt saddle
- Ampacity Sizing
- Residential Load - Standard and Optional Methods
o Demand Load in VA and Amps Neutral Current
o Copper and Aluminum Service Neutral GEC EGC conductors
- Ground Wire Sizing
- Box Fill
- Conduit Fill
- Voltage Drop
- Burial Depth
- Motor electrical/components

Upgrade to Pro version > 4x # of tools more functionality
more updates as well as full screen functionality on all tools for more screen real estate. There are and will be
many more a richer set of features on the Pro version than the Lite.

Essential Electrician tools.

2008 NEC & 2009 Canadian Electrical Code

About this version (5.2)

Added Privacy Policy, e.g. no ads or collection of data

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 4 MB
Version: 5.2 by Intineo LLC
Updated: 02 February 2018 (1034 days ago)
Released: 17 April 2010
Installations: more than 100 000
 Electrical Wiring Lite
5 Stars: 338
4 Stars: 163
3 Stars: 48
2 Stars: 12
1 Star: 42

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